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It just keeps getting weirder August 13, 2010

Posted by Peeps in random stuff.
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I am seldom, if ever, surprised by human behavior. If there is anything in the universe capable of more gross stupidity than human beings, I never want to meet it. Ever. But even I am taken aback once in a while.

The last few days have had some interesting items in the news that just flat out astonished me. In amongst the news about the important people and the celebrities and the want to be celebrities was a little item about a man who died during the sauna championships.

The what?  Where have I been while this has become a sport?  And did I really need to know about it?

Apparently, the idea is to determine who can stand the hottest temperature the longest.  Okay, right there it makes golf riveting.  Do people pay money to watch this?  How much fun is it to watch someone develop heat stroke?  Are there shirts for sale?  Giant foam fingers?  Do champions cut huge deals with Nike?

But apparently it’s enough of a sport that someone died during the finals.  When the temperature was set at 230 degrees.  Now, that’s just ridiculous.  That’s the ideal temperature for my smoker to operate at.  Not to sit in.  For any reason.  I don’t even know if they win anything other than bragging rights.  But there’s no way anyone should be allowed to cook themselves to death.  That’s just not bright.

A little lot closer to home, there was the guy in Buffalo that got stopped to a routine traffic thing.  And they found he was marinating a cat.

Okay, have you read it?  Have you calmed down yet?  No?  I can wait.

Right.  So, I pretty much have two thoughts about this guy.  One, they should forget the animal cruelty charges.  I’m not even sure they apply.  I mean, he only covered the cat in oil and seasonings.  I doubt it did the cat any lasting harm.  But the guy should go to jail for being one of the CREEPIEST BASTARDS IN THE WORLD!  Who would even think of doing something like that?

My other problem with this guy may sound insensitive.  But doesn’t this idiot know anything about cooking?  At all?  I mean, there are whole television channels devoted to cooking.  Magazines.  Countless websites.  There’s been a whole food revolution going on for a while now, and he’s missed it all?  Because you can’t marinate something that’s alive.

I know, I sound heartless.  But come on.  Really?  You can influence an animal’s taste through diet.  Grass fed beef tastes entirely different than corn fed beef.  But seasoning the outside of a live cat is going to accomplish nothing more than making the cat feel less than dignified.  So, actually he needs to go to jail for being creepy and stupid.

See, hasn’t it been a fun week?



1. Mazco34 - August 13, 2010

Okay, I love listening to your rants. You have such a style and flair for it.

And I’d like to tell you about some of the things I heard over my wall, but why should everyone suffer.

I’m taking one for the team.

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