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You know how it is August 18, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in Cooking, Eating Down the Fridge, Food, random stuff.

You know how sometimes, you’re just tired and maybe not feeling well, or, say, it’s been somewhere around a thousand degrees all day, and your husband keeps handing you cold beer or a margarita or sangria, because, I don’t know, you look hot?  (And not in a “hey, baby, you look hot” sort of way, more a “dude, have something to drink before you expire” way.)


So yeah.  Then it’s dinner time, the dog’s been fed, and you realize that, since it’s been so hot, you’ve barely eaten anything since before the sun came up, and now you’re kind of STARVING.  But you still don’t have the energy or the mental resources left to go find something for dinner, so you declare it to be Fend For Yourself Night.  Known in some homes as Clean Out Refrigerator Night or Leftover Buffet.

Only, well, most of our leftovers get repurposed into lunches, which makes for pretty slim pickins’ on Fend For Yourself Night, doesn’t it?


So there you are, slightly woozy from hunger or heat exhaustion (or even booze, but more likely it’s a combination of mostly the first two, aggravated by the third) and you’re standing in a kitchen full of ingredients – and no food.

No food, anyway, except for some leftover mashed potatoes, a couple of dozen eggs, and some scallions that have seen better days.  And, of course, some sliced bacon in the freezer.

As God is my witness, we will always have sliced bacon in the freezer.


So.  We take our potatoes, some scallions, and an egg, and mix them together.  Meanwhile, we dice up some bacon (note to self – next time, go downstairs and get the regular-sliced bacon. The bacon that we hand sliced to use in beans is Just Too Thick) and brown that and stir it right into the potato mixture.

That’s right.  We’ve got our potatoes, and our bacon altogether in one bowl.


And we take the whole mixture, and we combine it into (get this!) patties!

Patties that we’re going to pat into roughly burger-sized size and shape.

In our particular case, they were pretty soft, but we were very careful when we dredged them in a bit of seasoned flour.

And by “dredged in seasoned flour” I mean we salt and peppered them and sprinkled flour on both sides.


And then we went to work.  We gently placed the patties into the same pan we’d used to cook the bacon (bacon grease = nice, bacony flavor + lubricant) over medium-high heat until the patties were nice and browned.

Think croquettes.

Bacon cakes.  Heh.


So while we’re waiting for our potato patties to brown, we scrounged up a little cheddar cheese.

Hey, I’m a Dairy State Gal – cheese will always enhance the experience, am I wrong?

So anyway, we melted a couple of slices of cheddar cheese on the potato-bacon-scallion patties, and then . . .



Eggs!  We’ve always got at least a dozen eggs in the fridge, usually closer to 2, so, hey!  Let’s poach some eggs for our potatoes!

Yes, I know, a poached egg on “anything” is  so . . . last year.   But so is bacon, so I understand.  Hey, at least we’re keeping with the theme, right?

So we poached a couple of eggs, slid them on top of the potato patties, and split a baguette – and had a quick, simple Saturday dinner.


I think we need to clean out the refrigerator more often, huh?



1. Cristina - August 18, 2010

Wow, that bacon looks a lot like Romanian bacon (slanina)! Fend For Yourself Night at your house looks good. I can totally relate to having no leftovers because I have them for lunch, but I’m not as creative as you were here. How did you poach those eggs? I could be wrong, but it looks like maybe you microwaved them.

I guess it’s true that necessity really is the mother of invention . . . 😉

We just poached the eggs the usual way – in a pot of simmering water. You can poach eggs in the microwave? I used to do super-cheesy scrambled eggs in the micro, which reminds me that I haven’t done those in Far Too Long. And we still have plenty of cheese. . . 😉

2. judy - August 18, 2010

I have always been a firm believer in potato pancakes as I call them because as you stated, you can put just about anything in them and they are so good. When I do the mashed thing I always make extra just for that reason. Hope you are on the mend by now.

Thanks, Jude, feeling almost human again! 😉

3. Cristina - August 18, 2010

Oh, I don’t know if you can poach them in the microwave. I just thought that’s what you might have done since they were all in their little bowls. A quick google search tells me you CAN make poached eggs in the microwave. Interesting.

Interesting indeed. Huh. I’d think the yolks would get hard or explode or something in the micro. 😕

And yeah, I’m not very good a poaching eggs (I’d actually never even had a poached egg until a few months ago!), so I dump them in the water individually. 😳

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