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Monday Musings on Tuesday: 09.07.2010 Edition September 7, 2010

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And here we are, actually past Labor Day already!  It seems like just yesterday, we were celebrating Memorial Day, doesn’t it?

Surly Boy unfortunately didn’t make it home for the long weekend – his car landed in the shop, and it wasn’t done in time for him to drive home for the long weekend, so . . . all that cooking I did last week?

For naught.

Maybe not for naught, exactly, but, well, I had hoped to send my little boy home with a freezer full of good, healthy mom-food, and instead, I’ve managed to ridiculously over-fill my own freezer.

Fortunately, he’s going to be traveling through Rochester next month for a concert in Ohio – I think Cleveland.  Cleveland rocks, you know, even if it is snot rock.



So yes, we’ve had a busy weekend – and lest he feel left out, the dog felt the need to sit in his Papa’s lap for a little while.

Yes, he is getting a little big for that, but, like the old joke goes – where does a 105-pound dog sit?  Anywhere he wants to . . . heh.


PhotobucketSo, speaking of the dog.

We were invited (actually, HE was invited) to participate in a study with regard to canine osteoarthritis – and his hip dysplasia makes him eminently qualified for this study.

So we took our baby in for the initial screening – which included x-rays.

If you look very closely, you’ll see  that ball-and-socket joint of his hips include very little “socket” – and, at less than 3 years old, his “ball”  is already starting to deform.

No wonder he walks funny, huh?



And part of the initial screening for the veterinary study was, erm, samples.

While the vet’s office was responsible for x-rays and blood tests, we had to provide, um, other, more, uh, icky samples.

Since we had samples from, well, both ends (so to speak), the better part of discretion seemed to me to be a brown bag.

A very special brown bag.


Speaking of Bags of Crap.

Peeps scored on Woot the other day and got their “bag of crap.”  Boy, did he score. . .



One of the items I made and froze on my vacation was some lovely, lovely ratatouille.  I love ratatouille, and I especially love it in the winter, when it’s less in season.

This may just have been my best batch yet – lovely roasted eggplant and zucchini, garden fresh tomatoes and herbs, plenty of peppers, onions and garlic – yeah, this’ll be good in a month or so, too.

I do love eggplant.  Too bad Surly Boy missed out.



Oh, and hey.

We have a freakishly huge spider living on our deck.  I don’t know what her deal is – whether she’s just guarding the compost bucket, or maybe she’s waiting for her chance to invade the house – I don’t know.

But she’s gi-normous – probably the size of a quarter, when she’s all curled up.

That’s just . . . creepy.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  Yes, we’re a day late, but we still have to eat every day!

And now, it seems, fall has truly come – where last week, the temperatures were in the 90s, this week, we’ll be struggling to see 80.


September is just weird like that, isn’t it?

Monday – It’s Labor Day, and we’re grilling, yes, but not the typical hot dogs and burgers – I picked up some boneless short ribs, and we’re enjoying some Korean BBQ – along with some basmati rice and tossed salad.

Tuesday – Do you remember last fall when Peeps smoked a few pork chops and stuck them in the freezer?  I didn’t either until I found them in the freezer – those, along with some fresh green beans and corn will make make a delightful dinner!  And yes, corn counts as a starch!

Wednesday – We’ve got puppy swim class, so it’s a simple matter of reheating some pea soup – we didn’t get  to make it last week, but it’s done and in the fridge now.  We just need to make some biscuits to go with it.  OK.

Thursday – The weather is forecast to be more conducive to grilling, so grill we shall – we’re still trying to find the perfect burger rolls, and everyone knows the only way to do that is to grill burgers . . . along with some salad and fries, of course.

Friday –  Again, it’s pizza night.  I’ll be enjoying some garden fresh tomatoes and fresh herbs, along with as much cheese as is necessary to hold the two together.  I do love pizza night. . .

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. mazco34 - September 7, 2010

Well, you can’t say that Woot didn’t warn you!

BTW if not too much trouble, can I have a calendar?

But you can keep the stickers – send them to TMG if you want.

Maz, of COURSE you’re welcome to a calendar! Expect A Package.

2. mazco34 - September 7, 2010

Question #two – where did you find boneless short ribs?

Oh, our local Tops frequently offers boneless short ribs – it’s a sweet deal – they’re about the same price as the bone in, and if we’re going to be boning and trimming the ribs anyway, it’s great. Check at your butcher/meat counter – ours are kind of stashed away in a corner of the display.

3. Anne - September 7, 2010

You guys eat every day?? Like all 7 days every week?? Is that standard, or are you guys special? Because if that’s standard, we’re very sub-par. I might cook dinner 4 days out of a week. OK, 5, if I have nothing else to do.

Hey, I was JUST explaining this to someone yesterday! We don’t ALL live exciting, jet-set lives, you know. Clearly, you are one of those busy Beautiful People. Some of us are amused by simpler things like, um, you know, dinner.

4. sjbraun - September 8, 2010

I love your posts – you have a way of making everyday life more interesting than it might really be 🙂
I hope the study for doggy can benefit him.
The spider is really creeping me out!

Oh, and – you won the Amish Proverbs book at my place 🙂 Please send me your real address (sjbraun at hotmail dot com)

Oh, my, thanks! Email is on its way. . .

And, um, if *our* everyday life sounds interesting, um, wow, your must be a regular snoozefest. . . I’m just saying. 😉

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