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Monday Musings: 09.13.2010 Edition September 13, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.

My goodness it’s been a busy weekend!  You’ll recall that Peeps’s mom is here in town buying her new new house – so the stress levels around here are a little wild!  I’m going to do my best to keep this short and sweet – you can thank me later.


PhotobucketSo we finally got all caught up – we’d made at least one recipe out of each of the magazines we receive – and then, what do you know?  We got not one, but TWO magazines in the mail this week.  Peeps started us out with some wee little baking powder biscuits from Cuisine at Home (we used a 2-inch biscuit round) to go with last week’s split pea soup.  And, for what it’s worth, a leftover biscuit, with a bit of bacon and a slice of cheddar cheese, wrapped in a paper towel and nuked for about 20 seconds makes a lovely breakfast!


PhotobucketWith Peeps’s mom here for the weekend, and worried about Monday’s closing, what better distraction than the Clothesline Festival?  We spent most of Sunday walking around, oohing and aahing over paintings, gorgeous photos, blown glass, jewelry, and countless other gorgeous things . . . and only bought a few things!



So Saturday was market day.  I, um, might have gone a little overboard this week.  But really, how could I not?  Everything is in season. . . it’s a matter of taking advantage of the end of a season (peaches) of celebrating the beginning of one (delicata squash!), not to mention everything in between – how do I choose?

(Oh, and the red peppers?  Yeah, well, an entire basket of them was CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!  I guess Peeps is gonna make a LOT of sriracha this week, huh?



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.   Fall is well and truly here!  We haven’t had a really good grilling evening in a while (though that doesn’t stop us from using the grill!) – we’re still hoping for a few good days of grilling, though – just not so many this week, that’s all.


Monday – One of the can’t-pass-by veggies we got at the market this weekend was snow peas – Peeps’s mom mentioned that she loved them, and there they were, for a buck!  And we also scored some daikon radishes, which, believe it or not, neither of us have ever tried, so. . . it just seems like the perfect time to add a bit of chicken from the freezer, and, along with some of the other random veggies we brought home this weekend, enjoy a beautiful stir fry.

Tuesday – Mom goes back home Tuesday morning, and I’ll be home that day to see her off.  Since I should be free most of the afternoon, then, I thought it would be a perfect time to pull some flank steak from the freezer and put together Mongolian beef – we haven’t had this in ages!

Wednesday – Have I mentioned tomatoes lately?  No?  Well, I’ve got ’em, and I need to use ’em!  We’re going to try making fresh tomato soup – depending on what we’ve got available in the tomato department, we’ll make either a single or a double batch of tomato soup – and freeze what we don’t eat.

Thursday – It’s looking like it may be a reasonable evening for grilling – and we realized, when we unearthed a package of pork chops in the freezer, that we hadn’t made our favorite honey-mustard pork chops yet this summer!   I kind of like the idea of serving it with some greens, either some broccoli rabe that we got at the market or Swiss chard from the garden – we’ll have to see just what we’re in the mood for,  I guess.

Friday – Our fabulous pizza night – I’m enjoying fresh tomatoes and fresh herbs on my pizza just as long as I can, let me tell you!  That is just the best!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. FoodontheTable - September 13, 2010

Fresh tomato soup sounds like such a treat. Take advantage of the summer produce while you can!

Oh, you know that I absolutely do!

2. Teresa - September 13, 2010

I have a feeling you’re going to enjoy the daikon. Would love to hear what you think of them after you try them.

They were kind of different! Sort of like red radishes, only . . . not exactly. We’ve eaten one raw, and one julienned in stir-fry. One left.

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