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So Maybe I Got a Little Carried Away September 15, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

That’s as good a name for a late summer sauce as any, right?

I went to the public market a couple of weeks ago, with firm intention to buy just enough additional vegetables to make a nice batch of ratatouille for the freezer.

PhotobucketWith that in mind, I picked up a couple of really nice eggplants – hey, they were 2 for a buck.

Then, a bit farther down the way, there was another guy with equally nice eggplants – that were 3 for $1.

And hey, how could I not?  I do love me some eggplant!

Ditto for the summer squash – and the zucchini – each of which were a quarter apiece.

PhotobucketThen there were the green peppers – they were something like 5 for $1.  Which would be one thing, but then, in all the excitement of eggplant and squashes and garlic (oh my!), I sort of forgot that I’d already picked a bunch of peppers, and I got a bunch more.  Whoops!

So, um, yeah.  I cut everything into 1-inch cubes, starting with the eggplant, which I salted and let drain while I was dicing everything else.   After an hour or so, I rinsed and squeezed (squoze?) dry the eggplant, and dumped it, along with a couple (or three) of each diced zucchini, yellow squash, onions, green peppers, and maybe a clove of garlic or two into a big bowl (you could even add some mushrooms if you’re a fungus person), tossing everything with a good amount of olive oil, then proceeded to spread them on a sheet pan (or two) and roast at around 450 for, oh, 45 minutes or so, stirring them every 15 minutes.

PhotobucketThen, of course, there’s my every-other-day giant bowl full of tomatoes.  I don’t know, do you think maybe 10 tomato plants for just the two of us is a little over the top?

I mean, honestly, we’ve now got more dried tomatoes in the freezer than we can use in a year, and possibly more than we can share, too.

And really, while we do have an awful lot of tomatoes for just fresh usage, it’s not quite enough at any one time to make it worth dragging out the canning gear.


Maybe I just didn’t get carried away enough when it came to planting tomatoes?

So anyway, once the veggies were roasted to my satisfaction (nicely spotty-brown, but not burned), I dumped them into a Dutch oven and went ahead and peeled all the tomatoes I had in the house – which was quite a lot, actually.

Then I went out and picked some herbs – just whatever seemed like it would be a good fit with, erm, bowls full of random vegetables.


In this case,  that was plenty of basil, a bit of sage, some rosemary, thyme marjoram, lots of parsley, and a small handful of mint.  Yes, mint!  Hey, it’s a relative of parsley, and I didn’t want it to feel left out.

Now here comes the fun part – I filled the  Woot Blender with, basically, as many peeled tomatoes as I could, divvied up the fresh herbs, and pressed “puree.”  Then we just stood back for, oh, about 20 seconds.  I dumped the pureed tomatoes into pot with the roasted veggies – altogether, we used about two and a quarter blender jars full of tomatoes – just enough to fill the pot, leaving a little bit of room to stir it, and that’s all.


We just warmed the sauce, stirring everything together, and checked for seasonings – a hefty pinch of salt, a bit of black pepper and some crushed red pepper, and that was about all it needed.  It’s all about the roasted veggies and the fresh tomatoes – and the best part?

I’ve got 3 quarts of it stashed in the freezer, too!  Perhaps I should call it my “So Maybe I Got a Little Carried Away But You’ll Thank Me Later Sauce,” no?


1. sjbraun - September 15, 2010

Yum – this makes me anxious for when the kids are old enough to eat “all that green and red stuff.” 🙂 Also, I need to find .25 zucchini somewhere. I want to make a bunch of zucchini bread, yet after the dreaded squash bugs attacked my plant, it yielded only 2.

Oh, that’s terrible! I’ve been fairly fortunate this year – I’ve only had a couple of tomatoes nibbled on by . . . something. Oh, and some kind of creepy ladybug wannabes did a job on my lilies. 😦

Although I froze this sauce chunky, Peeps actually prefers it smooth, so we’ll probably end up throwing it in the blender (or more likely, taking the stick blender to it) when we use it. . . no more eggplant that way!

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