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September’s Third Thursday: A Very Special Sandwich September 16, 2010

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Welcome to September’s Third Thursday!


This month’s entry is slightly different – it’s not a recipe per se – it’s more . . . an accomplishment.  Yeah, that’s what it is – a personal accomplishment!

Last year, Michael Ruhlman (author of Charcuterie and Ratio, among others) issued a general BLT challenge – make a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich as completely from scratch as possible.

Now, at the time the BLT From Scratch challenge was originally issued, we were just starting to think about making bacon, and the few times I’d made mayonnaise, I was decidedly, let us say, underwhelmed by the results.  And on top of all that, by the time the tomatoes were in season, the lettuce was long gone – and it never occurred to me (duh!) to put in a second crop.

This year, though! – this year, I planned for it.  I waited for all the pieces to fall into place, and then I was ready!


Once my tomatoes came into season, I was ready to start thinking seriously about my very own BLT.

Of course, the original crop of lettuce I’d planted was long gone – it was getting edged out by the crazy green beans anyway until it went to seed!

So, the obvious answer was to plant some new lettuce, which we did.  However, the green beans (and, to a lesser extent, the beets) had claimed the garden space, so Peeps dug a big old pot out of the garage – it was, in fact, one of the pots I’d used the first year I planted tomatoes!  Since we planted the second sowing of lettuce in the middle of the summer (and not in cold, damp April soil), it sprouted almost immediately – I swear, we could almost watch it grow!

So lettuce – check.


Of course, it was no problem to bake some bread – and not only did I bake my own bread,  it was a loaf of sourdough oatmeal potato bread – and no, I did not grind my own wheat or grow my own oats or potatoes – but hey, we grew the yeast, and that’s certainly worth bonus points, right?

And there’s the perfectly round, delightfully tasty Beefsteak – grown right here in my own garden – using our own compost, to boot!

Bread and tomato – check and check.


And of course we’ve got the mayonnaise covered – though I did not lay my own egg (ha!), I did flavor it with a few herbs from the garden. . .

And Peeps was kind enough to cook me up a couple of slices of his fantastic bacon – though he does most of the actual work, I always pick out the hunk of pork belly, so that counts as helping, right?

Yeah, I thought so too.  Bacon and  mayonnaise – checkity check.

Then I realized – when am I going to eat this?  I mean, all my parts had come together, and it was, like, a Tuesday.

Our dinners were planned for the week, and besides, Peeps isn’t a big fan of the BLT.  (I know!  But other than that, he’s not un-American at all!)

PhotobucketSo I decided to just pack it as my lunch and take it to work, that’s all.  I was not about to wait any longer than I had to for this!

I had picked up a couple of packages of disposable containers (to send back full with Surly Boy when he came home), so I grabbed a couple of those.  I took one and laid a couple of lettuce leaves, a couple of slices of bacon, and two mayonnaised bread slices in it – each piece separated by a single paper towel folded between the layers.   That container waited in the fridge until lunchtime.

The other container only held my tomato slices – I don’t like to refrigerate fresh tomatoes, so I didn’t.  I also brought some herbed salt just in case it was necessary (which it wasn’t) – homemade, of course!  (Equal parts by volume of kosher salt and rosemary, whirred in the spice grinder until well pulverized – oh my!)


And then I went to work and counted the hours until lunchtime – and that’s a lot of hours when you’re starting as early as I do!

But eventually, the appointed noon hour came – I built my Very Special Sandwich.  And then, once it was assembled, I cleared a spot on my desk, got my napkin ready, and I enjoyed my truly from scratch BLT – and it was fantastic, too!


If you’d like to play along with our Third Thursday challenge (and I hope you do!),  leave a comment with a link to (or description of) your Third Thursday project – tell us what you’re up to!  For loose guidelines, or if you want to check out some past Thursdays, they’re right here! 


1. sjbraun - September 16, 2010

Yum! That looks wonderful! I’ve been making BT (no lettuce here, and I always seem to forget it at the store) sandwiches for myself at lunch, and really enjoying them. I can only imagine how yummy yours was with all those special touches!

Here’s my TT contribution:

Susan, your pie is peanut buttery fantastic!

And I LOVE tomato sandwiches – it’s what we spend the entire first half of the summer waiting for, isn’t it? And bacon makes EVERYTHING better! (Lettuce just makes it look healthy. 😀 )

2. judy - September 16, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS. What a beautiful BLT. Peeps does not know what he is missing. You enjoy another one any time you want.

You know it, Judy! I fully intend to enjoy my tomatoes as long as I can.

3. mazco34 - September 16, 2010

I think if you made a BOL – Bacon Onion and Lettuce, then he would be happy. Oh and plenty of “May-Oh-naise!”

Eh, maybe, though he’d be just as happy to leave the lettuce off, too. And probably not Mayo – even homemade. Mustard, maybe. 😕

4. Melinda - September 17, 2010

looks yummy as always here is mine had a hard time posting ur link for some reason but nothing surprises me anymore

Excellent! Thanks so much for playing along, Melissa!

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