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Monday Musings: 09.20.2010 Edition September 20, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

Oy!  I just can’t believe how quickly time goes by.  I mean, I know time flies and all that, but seriously?  It’s FALL already!  Or it technically will be, anyway, this week.


PhotobucketI got a call from Surly Boy the other day – there were layoffs at his job, and, unfortunately, he got caught up in them – he’s only been there for a few months, after all.

He is (and we are) hoping that he’ll only be out of work for a couple of weeks!

However, he’s decided, since he’s not actually working, to come home for a few days. It is nice to have The Boy home for a bit, even though we’re not actually seeing much of him – he does need to catch up with his actual friends, you know!


PhotobucketThe Kitty, in the meantime, is doing quite well – she’s not only hanging out in the garden window, Peeps caught her up on the shelf in the window!

She is a special kitty, you know.  She loves being up out the way AND she enjoys the extra-special view.

She just need to keep her furry kitty butt out of my mezzaluna, that’s all.  I’m just saying. . .



Peeps brought home some baguette dough from work so I could try something new and exciting – dragon tail bread.

It’s awesomely cool – and ridiculously simple – here, check out how to do it!

(I can’t wait to try it out on all kinds of bread doughs!)



Literally, as I sat down to write today’s blog, I was lamenting  that I had nothing of interest to write about, when there was suddenly a “car accident” literally across the street!

We had cops and fire trucks and ambulances and neighbors showing up . . . never mind the fact that the “accident” may not have been so accidental – some punk backed out of his driveway, floored it, and rammed his SUV into a tree – and there you go – he’s off to the hospital, while everyone else is left to clean up the mess. . .



But I must say, Peeps and I were highly amused by the fireman in the “BFD” shirt who showed up at the scene – BFD, in this case, standing for “Barnard Fire Department.”

Why, what did you think it stood for?

You know, I think I want a “BFD” shirt, don’t you?



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  The weather is starting to get a little iffy, but  we can look forward to at least a couple of nice days – and a couple of not-so-nice days, too.


Monday – We’ve got a boatload of chicken tenders in the freezer and a ton of sage.  Those two things, skewered, will make a wonderful dinner, along with some rice and garden fresh Swiss chard.

Tuesday – Since Surly Boy’s home, we asked him what he would like to have for diner while he’s here, and he asked for good steak.  We’ll grill steaks (probably ribeyes, or maybe strip steaks) and bake a couple of potatoes.  I’ll do something with carrots for a vegetable – carrots are really healthy and delicious.

Wednesday – It’s swim class night, so this week we’re going to try a leek soup – it’s just what happens when I keep buying leeks at the market and forget to use them!  Peeps will probably bring home a loaf of good bread – after all, you need good bread to go with soup, right?

Thursday – One of our little projects this summer was to make homemade pastrami – and how better to test it than with hot pastrami sandwiches on rye?  We’ll make some mac salad (since I don’t have time to make knishes) and a tossed salad.

Friday – Friday night is pizza night – again with the tomatoes, and maybe some leftover steak and sauteed onions . . .  pizza night is always an adventure!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. karen - September 20, 2010

Sitting outside this weekend my husband and I were talking about the weather. It’s hot. It’s still August hot.

You have coolness. I am so jealous. (But I won’t be in the winter!)

I love looking at your weather reports.

Thanks, Karen! All in all, I think I’d rather have the winter cold . . . and not bake!

2. judy - September 20, 2010

Of course I am please with the Kitty picture! She REALLY does look good. So much better than before. OK, what did you do with the “real” kitty? 🙂 Enjoy the Boy and hope you get to see him some. Happy week. j

Oh, she’s one fit kitty, isn’t she, Jude? And bold, too – you should see her stare down the dog. . . and I’m always in the middle, too. 😯

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