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Lasagna Muffins September 21, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in Cooking, Freezer Meals, random stuff.

I know what you’re thinking.


You’re thinking I’ve lost my mind – how can something be a muffin and lasagna?

And you’d be quite justified in thinking that – it’s very much what I thought at first.

Yet you’re oddly curious.  I know I was too when saw the recipe for Lasagna Cupcakes on Framed.  (I think of cupcakes more as a dessert – but a muffin – now that’s a meal.)


I had taken a couple of days off to do some cooking in preparation for Surly Boy‘s visit – a visit which didn’t happen at Labor Day, but which, fortuitously (or not) is occurring right now instead.

All that hard work won’t go to waste after all!  Not that it would have gone to waste exactly – but somehow, it would take an awful lot longer for Peeps and me to go through three lasagnas, two batches of burritos, a batch of ratatouille, and a couple of my reuben casseroles than it would one hard-working 22-year-old.


So anyway, back to my lasagna muffins.

I had some fresh pasta left over from the traditional lasagna I made (I told Boss that I have a standing order – whenever he has an order for pasta sheets, Peeps is to bring home whatever’s left over.  I may never buy dry lasagna again!) – just probably not quite enough to do another whole lasagna.


Peeps had also brought home some of Boss’s lobster filling – neither of them is willing to pitch it, given the price of lobster . . . and I had about the same amount of  my own corn filling leftover from making ravioli that week.

Hmmm. . . corn and lobster – they go together, don’t they?  After all, people in New England have been pairing those for generations, right?


I tossed together some bechamel, sliced some mozzarella, and pondered a corn and lobster lasagna.  In muffin form.

I measured a biscuit round – I want something just about the same size as the jumbo muffin tins – maybe go a size bigger, rather than a size smaller.

Since I have 2 jumbo muffin tins, I’ll be making 12 lasagna muffins – and each will have 3 layers of pasta, so I cut 36 rounds.  (Just toss the rest.  Neither the dog nor the cat needs to feast on raw pasta.  It’s for their own good.)


Place a tablespoon or so of bechamel in the bottom of each muffin cup (first sprayed for just-in-case), then stick a pasta round in the bottom – obviously, it’s going to be a little big, but that’s okay – just cup the pasta in the bottom of the muffin tin.

Add a scoop of your first filling, another couple of tablespoonfuls of sauce, some cheese, and another round of pasta.


And repeat.  You know, you could use pretty much any filling here that you want.  A basic ricotta filling?  Delightful.  Sauteed mushrooms?  Sure, if fungus is your thing.   Roasted vegetables?  Of course.  Anything you’d use in lasagna would work just fine.  I used two different fillings, but that was because I had them left over – you do what you’re comfortable with.

Top the whole mess with another round of pasta, a goodly scoop of bechamel, and some more cheese.

Then bake it.

When I bake lasagna, I like to do most of the baking – in this case, the first 15 minutes or so – covered, then uncover and bake until the cheese is melty and the top is nicely browned.


Now if you did, in fact, spray the pan before you started, you’re golden – just let it cool for 15 minutes or so, run a spatula around the edges, and just lift each lasagna muffin out – no fuss, no muss.

And we all know how well lasagna freezes – simply wrap each individual muffin in plastic wrap, then bag them all up in freezer bags – I stuck six lasagna muffins in each of two bags.

And now you have an elegant future dinner – a mini lasagna, a nice salad, and a glass of wine . . . and you’ve got plenty of room for a delightfully decadent dessert!

Always thinking, I am!



1. Anne - September 21, 2010

What a great idea! I make meatloaf in muffins, since two people and a meatloaf is .. well .. too much. Never thought about lasagna, I must give that a try. Hmmm .. now that will expand into making my own pasta, which I’ve only tried once or twice. Or .. hey .. maybe Boss will throw some leftovers to NC … I believe I have a new project once fall arrives. 😀

I’ll, um, mention to boss about next time he’s in your neighborhood. . . .
Seriously, I’ve only made pasta a couple of times, and I can’t say it was an unqualified success, though it wasn’t a complete failure, so that’s something, anyway. Barilla makes a decent no-boil lasagna – just soak it in some boiling water for a few minutes, and it should be soft enough to cut. 😀

2. Melinda - September 22, 2010

darn that looks good as always, i have tried the crock pot version of this and love it, things like that are so stinking cute, but with 2 growing boys to feed it just does not work in this house. and they will be with us for just a few more years…

You’re right, Melinda – growing boys sure do eat a lot, don’t they? 😯 The jumbo muffin tins are a great size, though, to freeze and nuke for a quick lunch. . .

3. sjbraun - September 23, 2010

These look WONDERFUL!!

Thanks! I’m looking forward to trying all sorts of combinations. . . after all, I’ve gotta do something with all those pasta sheets! 😉

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