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Thing #57: Libraries are Cool September 23, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in 101 Things, What we're reading.

First, a confession.

When I originally made my 101 List, I looked all over the Internet to see what other people were doing – I mean, 101 is a LOT of Things, you know?  I needed some ideas.

And there was one thing that popped up several times – lots and lots of people had resolved to “read the whole Twilight series.”  Reading a book – or an entire series of books – is certainly a worthy goal, but since I knew nothing about those books, but, well, I had my doubts even then, I thought I’d leave it a little more open-ended.  After all, this little project of mine is as much about stepping outside my comfort zone (or at least sticking a toe out there!) as actually accomplishing things.

And it turns it that it’s just as well that I left myself some wiggle-room.  The more I’ve heard about this Twilight stuff, the happier I am that I’m older than 15 and, well, so over the sparkly vampire thing.  (Which is NOT AT ALL to say I was ever INTO the sparkly vampire thing, but, well, Dark Shadows.)

So anyway.  Here I am.


OK, obviously, if I’m going to read an author I’ve never read, I’m going to borrow something from the library.  After all, the last thing I need is Yet More Stuff cluttering up the place!

Then, last summer, TNT started a new show-based-on-a-book-series called Rizzoli and Isles, with one of the ADAs from Law & Order in it, so we gave it a try.

And we liked it, and I noticed it was “based on” a series by Tess Gerritson.

A novelist I’d never heard of.


Before I got too excited about that, though, Peeps reminded me of the Bones incident – Bones was also based on a series of novels by Kathy Reichs, and we both loved the TV series.  So I ran out to the library and checked out as many of the books in that series as I could, to come home and read.

I hated them.  (Okay, maybe “hate” is a strong word.  I disliked them.  A lot.  Still love the TV series, though.)


So, OK, I’ll avoid the “series” books by this author for now and check out  a random book by Tess Gerritson.

Problem solved, right?

You probably can’t tell this easily, but I find that I’m getting older by the day.

Another confession coming up: for the first time EVER, I actually had to take my glasses off to be able to read the book I was trying to read.

They’re obviously making the print blurrier than they used to.

Aside:  I had an eye exam last week, and ANY DAY NOW, I need to go pick up my new bifocals.


So where was I again?


Oh yeah.  Wanting to read a book, but unable to see it.

Here’s where the coolness factor comes in.

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading Heather’s Home-Ec 101 blog, and she talked about “borrowing” digital books from the library.


So, what you’re saying here is that I can log into my library’s website, borrow a digital book, load it onto my i-Pod, and “read” a book while I’m walking the dog?

Sign me up!

It was a simple matter of loading some software on my computer, then just choosing what I wanted!  The software interfaces with i-Tunes, which automatically loads it onto my i-Pod.  After the designated time (1, 2, or 3 weeks – I get to choose), it’ll just automatically delete return itself to the library.  Dog-walking just got a whole lot more fun!

And the book?

Well, I enjoyed it.  It was well-written, kind of a mystery, with a bit of the old romantic novel thing thrown in!  I’d certainly read more novels by this author, although I must say, my “wish list” will keep me quite busy for quite a while – and they seem to be adding more books all the time!



1. Heather Solos - September 23, 2010

Isn’t it great? Laundry, mopping, mowing, all that junk got a lot more fun once I discovered podcasts and audiobooks.

Yeah, but now I have to decide WHAT I want to listen to. I’ve subscribed to a couple of podcasts that I enjoy – I’m sure I could find a few more, but I only have so many hours. And oh, how I’ve missed having the time to just enjoy a book!

2. Heather Solos - September 23, 2010

Oh fun may be pushing it, less painful is probably more accurate.

Well, I guess “fun” is a relative term, isn’t it?

3. sjbraun - September 23, 2010

Interesting … I have just read 2 blog posts, each extolling listening to books. I don’t do that much, probably because I have very little time without other people around, but it sounds like a good concept. I know what you mean about not being into the whole Twilight thing – although my 40-yr-old neighbor lady has read the series multiple times and swears it will be a classic – still around in 100 years! Somehow, I doubt it.

See, what you need is a nice, big puppy to walk for a couple of miles a day. . . 😉

The Twilight thing kind of strikes me as right up there with Harlequin Romances and such (do they still write those?) – fine for a quick, light read, if you like that sort of thing. But, and I hope this doesn’t make me sound snobby, but I tend to be a little suspicious of anything that encourages grown women to act like teenage girls, and teenage girls to act like, well, teenage girls. 😕

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