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Confession Time September 30, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in Family, mirth & woe, random stuff.
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I’m gonna just admit it.

I’m really not a very social person.  I mean, I’m not a hater or anything – I’m not a misanthrope.

It’s just that for the most part, if I’m interested enough to know what someone is up to, every minute of every day, it’s more than likely that I already do.

And if my fifth grade best friend and I  cared that much, well, we’d have kept track of each other, you know?


I never have had a burning need to communicate regularly (or really, at all) with every single person I have ever met.  Or people who have met people that I’ve met.

Heck, I barely keep up with my own family.  My youngest nephew was 3 months old before I even knew he’d been born.

So I guess it should be pretty obvious that I’ve resisted all these “social networking” things that are EVERYWHERE.

For a while there, it seemed like not a week went by without someone trying to convince me that it would be a good idea to join some site or other so I could “stay connected.”

Is that really necessary?  I mean, we have The Internet, don’t we?  If I really wanted to find someone, all I’d have to do is ask The Google.

The Google knows all.

And seriously.  Is it truly that important for the kids to “network”?  Can’t they ride their bikes or go to the library or something?   What about watching some good old cartoons?


That’s what kids are supposed to be doing – watching cartoons, not “social networking.”  How else are they going to learn what happens when the anvil falls on the coyote’s head?  Besides, who’s in their network, anyway?  Suzy from math class?  The kid from the bus?

It started with AOL’s Instant Messaging, and it’s just gotten worse.

Remember those annoying IM pop-ups that would pester you every time you sat down to use the computer? You know, I pay good money for software to STOP pop-ups.

But you couldn’t get online without Everyone in the World knowing you were there.  And wanting to “chat” with you.

Talk about stalkery.

Then you know what happened?

Surly Boy didn’t respond to my e-mails. I asked him about it, and he said he didn’t check his email much, but I could send him a Facebook message.



I don’t DO Facebook, dear.

Facebook is for sad lonely people with no life.  And no people skills.

Mom, even Grandma has a Facebook account.

You’re using my mother to try to exert peer pressure?  On me?   Seriously?

So I’ve gone and done it.   I’ve opened my very own Facebook account.  If it’s what it takes to know what the heck is going on with my KID in a FOREIGN STATE, then so be it.

(Peeps, however, has so far not succumbed.)

I’ve even got a couple of  “friends” – friends that the Boy doesn’t even know!  HA!  I have not “friended” every person I ever went to school with because honestly?  I didn’t much like most of them then, and I doubt I’d like them any better now.  And truly?  I’m kind of annoyed by the verb “to friend.”  A friend is a noun, darn it.

I’ve figured out how to “follow” or “like” some businesses and organizations – it’s nice to get a heads up when Green Acre starts picking a new variety of apples, or when Victoria has a new podcast.

I do NOT feel the need to play Facebook games, or take Facebook quizzes, or send Facebook hugs, or have a  little Facebook Farm.    Above all, spare me the Facebook Farm, please!

So, gentle readers, does anyone else do the social networking thing?  Why or why not?

And more importantly, wanna be friends?



1. Ryan - September 30, 2010

I do it only because all of my friends use it for party and event invitations. I strongly suggest not adding any apps or adding everyone you’ve ever shared oxygen with

Oh, absolutely! Our office tech guy says that those app things cause all kinds of havoc!

2. Joanna - September 30, 2010

I do it and did it long before it became the crazy world it is now. I do it to share info and to keep in touch with people I DO love, but have been contacted by tons of people I don’t. I hide those people (a nifty feature that allows you to be friends with someone without being privy to their every thought and Farm update).

Joanna, I love it when Facebook “thinks” I might want to be friends with someone – like, what, if they live in my zip code, I should know them? Or two of my friends know them, so I should too? Really? 🙄

(And hey, so if you “hide” someone, you can still keep them, but you don’t have to read the incessant ramblings and “X has just answered a question!” or “X received a HUG!” Good to know! 😉

3. mazco34 - September 30, 2010

I hate adding new people, because you have to turn off all the crap that they play and feel a need to post.

Some of the good things are that I was able to get in touch with an old friend, and meet a few new ones. And I like businesses that have a page, like our sub shop: posts the soup of the day on-line.

That’s not that Hero King place or whatever, is it? Peeps took me there once. It was not half-bad. A good sub shop is a treasure. 🙂

There used to be this little storefront sub shop where I went to school – I’d always have dinner there on Wednesdays between my late Geology lab and my even later (6:00) Estates & Probates class – now that place was THE BEST. The last time I was in that area, it was still there, but they still didn’t have an online presence. 😦 I wonder if they have a FB page, though. Huh.

mazco34 - September 30, 2010

No, it’s a new place by my house. Interestingly, it’s the same location that housed my dog’s groomer.


The groomer is, I presume, no longer there? (I hope.)

And really, what kind of sissy dog needs a groomer anyway? 😆

4. judy - September 30, 2010

I joined FB to keep up with my family. To some extent it is better. At least I can see if they are “on line” and if they ignore my message I can let them know immediately they are being rude (privately of course) rather than a call or an e-mail. 🙂 The best thing for me is my people like to take a lot of pictures so now I can see how everyone looks.

Still trying to get rid of some of other peoples’ games. Don’t need the mafia or farms.. friends? of course.


🙂 I’ve gotta sit down and figure out how to get rid of some of that junk too.

5. karen - September 30, 2010

I signed up on facebook with the first two letters of my first name and the first two of my last name. No other info. I was looking for two friends from high school I’d lost touch with. I found them, sent them emails both stating “You knew me as Karen ****”. They emailed back, I now have phone numbers and addresses and we email back and forth on a pretty regular basis.

I haven’t been on it since.

Good for you! Now that’s the kind of social networking I understand! 😆

6. Anne - September 30, 2010

My sister calls me the Last American Facebook Virgin. I don’t, and I don’t care to. I think I realized a while back that I honestly just don’t care that much. If something really major happens, I’ll hear about it. Meanwhile, I don’t care what my sister had for lunch, I didn’t like most of my school mates way back when, and I certainly don’t need more excuses to bond with my laptop. And it just creeps me out a little. I’ve had invites, and the way it is able to connect people that have absolutely no real connection is a little scary. No, I don’t care to be “friends” with my friend’s niece’s boyfriend. But it’ll certainly try!!

I’ll stay quietly un-networked for now, thankyouverymuch.

See, now I’m starting to feel like a real schmuck for caving to KID pressure. . . because I’ve gotta say, I pretty much agree with all of that. 😕

7. sjbraun - October 1, 2010

hahahaha – loved this! I, too, was slow to warm to FB. I thought the games were nuts – and now, yes, (hiding face) – I *do* have a FB farm, and zoo, and frontier. I do feel back about the time-wasting aspect of it, but I do quite a bit of writing online and honestly it’s nice to flip over to another screen for a few minutes and “harvest” some watermelons while I’m trying to form a coherent though 🙂
I’m with you on the anti-social thing too, although at least in my case I chalk it up to being quite introverted. My happiest feeling is when everyone leaves and I’m alone in the house!!
Yep as well to the hs friends … several have sent friend requests, and then wadda you do? If you turn them down or ignore them, some take it personally. Some that I friend have radically different political etc. views and feel the need to broadcast those frequent, which majorly gets on my nerves.
Oh, and my sister is one of those who uses FB as a journal – I know how she feels and who has offended her throughout the day. It’s exhausting …

8. sjbraun - October 1, 2010

Okay, and since I didn’t want this to get lost in the previous:
to hide a game, look for a post from that game, say farmville. Click near the top right of the game post and there should be a “hide” option. You’ll choose to “hide farmville” (not hide the person). You’ll never see another shovel request! 🙂

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