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Leftover Pasta, You Say? October 7, 2010

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How EVER could THAT have happened?

PhotobucketI mean, yeah, I suppose, maybe, if you start your sauce with “take a big old bowl of tomatoes” – well, I guess you’re bound to end up with extra sauce, right?

And really, once that happens, you only have  a couple of options – you can either freeze half of it, or you can cook a mess of pasta.  Or, um, you can do both.

We almost always cook our pasta a pound at a time and deal with the leftovers – it drives Peeps nuts, I think, to have partial boxes of pasta knocking around the cupboards.  Me, I’m all for a bit of a pasta mélange now and then, but, well, it gets tricky, what with different cooking times and all.

PhotobucketSo even with the swarm of locusts Boy home visiting, and accounting for reheating for lunches, by Saturday morning, we still had a serving of sauced pasta in the fridge, waiting for someone to want it.

You know makes me absolutely nuts?  Wasting food.  I hate throwing out good (or formerly good) food – and a good part of that is because it means I either cooked too much, bought too much, or just plain shoved it in the fridge and forgot it.  Man, I really hate that.

PhotobucketSo, obviously, I do my best, when we’ve got a LOT of leftovers, to try to be a little creative with them, especially once the allure of “reheated pasta” has worn off.

Since I also, now and then, like to surprise Peeps with a fun, or at least interesting, lunch on Saturdays, I guess it was up to me to do something. . . different.

OK, so this was so ridiculously simple, it may become a leftover-pasta staple from now on!

I started with about 6 eggs, and I beat them very well.

PhotobucketAdd some seasonings – whatever will complement your sauce, I guess.  I added a pinch of dried oregano, some crushed red pepper, black pepper, and a couple of tablespoons of grated parm.  I probably would have added some fresh basil, too, but I didn’t feel like going all the way out to the garden for it.  It was raining.

I beat the seasoning into the eggs, then, get this, I just dumped the cold pasta right in.  And not just that, either.  I found a couple of string cheeses left in the fridge, so I cut those into chunks and tossed them in too, then I dumped the whole mess into a sprayed pie plate.

Oh, but wait!  There’s more!  When I went on my lasagna-making orgy last month, I somehow (go figure) ended up with a bunch of leftover lasagna filling.  Which I scooped into pizza-sized portions and froze.  (See above about waste-not-want-not.)


I grabbed a couple of those scoops of ricotta filling out of the freezer, sliced them in half, and decorated the top of my, um, my pasta omelet with it.  Macaroni quiche?  Leftover lunch.

Then I slid it, on top of a sheet pan (just in case) into a 350-degree oven for half an hour.

And after half an hour, I checked it and left it in there for another half hour.

Hey, trial and error here, you know?


And finally, after an hour (actually, probably a little less would have been OK), I knife inserted into the center of the pan came out clean, and the cheesy top, while not exactly melty, was soft and brown.

I’ll take it.  Peeps was home and ready to take a quick shower, which gave the pie a good 10-15 minutes to rest before I cut into it.

And it was not bad – not bad at all!  I had a piece, Peeps had a taste (I did not know that he’d made alfredo sauce that morning, which, along with a fresh baguette, really is a meal until itself!) – and we left better than 2/3 of the pie when we went out to dinner that night.


Which, surprisingly, was gone when we got home.  It seems that either The Boy was very, very  hungry whenever he got home, or it really was that good.  That could go either way, I guess.



1. mazco34 - October 7, 2010

Partial packages of pasta perturbs Peeps?

Color me shocked.

Pretty much.

Actually, though, I can see his point – I’m just a little better at ignoring them, that’s all. 😀

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