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Monday Musings: 10.11.2010 Edition October 11, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

PhotobucketThis was another market week – I love going the market!  You never know what you’re going to find.

This week, besides the typical in-season fall produce, several vendors were offering these freakishly huge artichokes – and, what with The Boy being home and all, when I saw them at 3 for $2, I couldn’t resist.

He loves artichokes as much as I do.  That’s my boy!



There is (yet another) new car dealership that’s opened up shop near us.

I think this one sells on consignment, or something like that, which, honestly, is a kind of good idea.

Anyway, Peeps mentioned the other day that the Sparkly Car is back – and we walked the dog over there and sure enough, it is.

It’s a 1988 Fiero with a custom (“award-winning”) (very sparkly) paint job.

Just . . . wow.



Our boy is loving some belly scratching, isn’t he?

You know, before he got involved in that drug study, there was no question of his even rolling over – it was just too much.

Now?  Now he runs up and down the stairs, rolls around on the floor, and is, in general, an Active Dog.  It’s kind of amazing, it is.



Just file this under the category “there’s one born every minute” –

Bottled water.

In an environment-friendly biodegradable box.

From melted glaciers.

Yeah.  Melted glaciers.  For two bucks a bottle box.

Although, since it’s on “sale,” it’s a good deal, right?


I guess P.T Barnum was right – there really is a sucker born every minute, isn’t there?




Kitty decided to come upstairs this weekend and decorate the garden window.

You know, we actually do use that mortar and pestle on occasion.

But still – she’s looking good, isn’t she?




Peeps found this awesome – what? video-cast? – the other day.

Episode 1: "First Time On Internet" @ Yahoo! VideoIt’s a series of videos with Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara talking about . . . just stuff.  You can either click the picture (I think) or watch here to see their first episode.

I just hope, when we get to that age, Peeps and I are that adorable, though somehow, I think these two are one of a kind.  Or two of a kind.  You know what I mean.



Finally!  Mustard greens are in season!  One of my favorite vendors at the market sells his in bunches that fill a trash bag!

Seriously – the bunch of greens fills a trash bag – how can you go wrong?

We do love our mustard greens – and more is always better, right?



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  While it looks like it’s going to shape up to be a decent autumn week, it is, in fact, autumn.  Those grilling nights will fall back into the “special treat” category for a while, and the warmer, slow-cooked meals will take the spotlight.


I can live with that – besides, we still have a few shortcuts up our sleeves anyway!

Monday – We’ve got a bunch of boneless chicken thighs still in the freezer, left from one of the times I made stock, and it’s time to use that up.  Since I (literally) bought a trash bag full of mustard greens, I thought Cooking Light‘s Honey-Wine Braised Chicken Thighs with Mustard Greens would perfectly fit this week.

Tuesday – Can you believe we are still finding packages of pulled pork from last summer in the freezer?  Yeah, me neither, but it’s so.  Since we’d love to smoke a couple more pork shoulders this fall before the snow flies, and since we really can’t, in good conscience, do that if we still have last year’s stuff hanging around, we’re working very hard to finish that as soon as we can! It will be awesome with some mashed potatoes and roasted green beans.  And, I don’t know, maybe corn bread.  Or biscuits.

Wednesday – Wednesday is soup night, and this week, since I scored a bunch of butternuts, we thought butternut squash soup would be a good thing.  Heck, we already know it’ll be a good thing!

Thursday – We’re going to enjoy the corn-filled lasagna ravioli I made this summer – I’m thinking of serving it tossed with honey-butter on a bed of mustard greens.  It’ll be awesome.  I’m pretty sure.

Friday – And it’s pizza night – and after two virtuous, meatless meals, I might even go ahead and put some pepperoni on mine!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.






1. Katrina - October 11, 2010

Your menu sounds great! I love the sparkly car, I wanted one like that growing up lol!

I love your blog title too! 😀

Thanks, Katrina. 🙂

I told my son that he should get his car painted sparkly, but he’s not so interested. 😆

2. SilverMoon Dragon - October 11, 2010

Corn lasagna sounds great… and I love the mini lasagna muffins two links in from that! What a great idea!

Thanks! Though, I actually meant to say “corn ravioli” – but I did use the filling in the lasagna.

It’s been a rough day, I guess. 🙄 🙂

3. sjbraun - October 12, 2010

What a full-of-fun-stuff post! The sparkly car – what can I say? I used to have a teal car and felt like *that* was a bit too flashy. At least it didn’t sparkle 🙂
I am *so* glad puppy is feeling better thanks to the study! And kitty is sweet as well.
The ice water – ha; I love finding stuff like that! Apparently, judging by the markdowns, not too many were fooled …
Hope you have a great week!
We loved the pb/banana bread – it was gone in under 24 hrs!

Wasn’t the banana bread good! Since there were just two of us to eat it (SB is still home) (and Peeps won’t touch it), I split it into 4 small loaves for the freezer – and I’m gonna have to make sure I keep the recipe handy!

4. judy - October 12, 2010

Another super Monday read and the children look just great. Your pictures just add SO much. Have a great week. j

Aw, Judy, thanks. 🙂 Kitty’s getting more and more brave – yesterday afternoon, I found her upstairs hanging out in the bedroom.

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