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Bad Hair Day October 13, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in just general griping, mirth & woe, random stuff.
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Did you ever have one of those days where things just don’t seem to work right?

Nothing huge, mind you – just little, niggling things.

I get out of the shower, glance in the mirror, and there – right there in the front! – is a big old gray hair, which I suppress the urge to pluck out:

Never pluck a gray hair – two will grow back in its place!

I don’t know if my mother’s right about that or not, but.  The very real possibility of eventual baldness isn’t so great either, so I leave it be, just trying to tuck it behind a bit of normal hair.

Lone gray hairs are a little tough to wrangle, aren’t they?

The dog’s finished his drug trial, and all seems to have gone well.  Part of the deal was a couple of weeks worth of the “real” medication – in its original form.  Basically, rather than a couple of quick squirts of liquid in the side of the mouth (okay, 4 squirts), I get to take a big ol’ syringe, fill it to the “100 lbs.” mark, and squirt it down his throat.  Not  nearly as much fun.  But still,  he is a good puppy and takes his medicine (and the cookie that follows!) like a champ.   He barely dribbled any out of his mouth and onto my hand, though he did look kind of surprised.  (Sort of like the several days I was giving medication to the cat the same way – only not really.  Or at all, actually.)

Finally.  Leaving for work.  By this time, I’m only running about half an hour late.  Not to worry, though – I routinely get to work early, and besides, really, who cares?  Mostly, I like leaving early to avoid the traffic – the serious jerks tend to come out after 6:30.

I get in the car, start it, and the Little Exclamation Point comes on.

The Tank has a “message” system – there’s a little triangle with an exclamation point in the middle of it that lights up when the car wants to tell you something.   There’s also a sentence fragment that appears to the side of the display that I can try to figure out.

Remember the days when the only way your car tried to talk to you was via the oil light?  Yeah, those days are over, aren’t they?

For a while now, the message has said “POSITION LIGHT BULB FAILURE.”

I have no idea what that actually means.  I’ve started the car, gotten out of it and walked around it – several times – and every light that’s supposed to be on appears to be.  Oooookay then.

Then the message said “SERVICE REQUIRED” as well as “POSITION LIGHT BULB FAILURE.”

However, the exclamation point is only orange, not red, and, according to the Owner’s Manual, that means “when you get around to it.”  (I paraphrase a bit.)  I had it back to the dealer a couple of times.  The light went out, and a few days later, it came back on.  They don’t seem to be able to figure out what’s going on with it.

Then the first message  changed to to “MULTIPLE BULB FAILURE.”

All RIGHT already.  I made arrangements take it to the shop on Saturday and drop it off – I know Jim will get to the bottom of it – plus  he’ll honor the warranty.

Happy now, Car?

Apparently not on this particular morning – this gray-hair-springing, dog-medicine-drooling morning.

I start the car, and the exclamation point – the familiar orange lighted exclamation point – had turned red.

Red is serious.  Red means some bad stuff is about to go down.


Which I did – and the light-up message said “COOLANT LOW CHECK LEVEL.”

Seriously?  No, really – SERIOUSLY?

No, not seriously.  I put the car back into “park,” restarted it, and there was my happy, friendly orange exclamation point again.

I halfway expected the message to read “PSYCH!”

So off I go – and glance at the gas gauge, only to remember that I’ve been putting off stopping for gas for a couple of days, mainly because I’ve been running late.

Yup, can’t put it off any longer.  The gas station on my way to work is reasonable, they have plenty of pumps, and most of the time, they work just fine.

Most of the time.

Of course, this special morning, the morning my hair is turning gray before my very eyes, THIS morning, not-so-much.

I do manage to remember that my tank is on the passenger, not the driver’s, side of the car.  (Hey, I drove that Honda for YEARS – once I get used to something, I’m used to it for a good long time. )

And I slide up to the pump, only to see the red “Out Of Order” baggies over each nozzle.


I fully expect to break a nail any minute now.




1. judy - October 13, 2010

And? Are you going to just leave us hanging there? Yep, you are. What a tease.


Oh, sorry Jude.

My nails are all still intact. 😛

2. Jules - October 13, 2010

I hope your day went smoother after all that! As far as the grey hair thing, I was always told that you pull a grey hair and 10 more come to its funeral!

Oh good heavens! That is harsh, isn’t it? 😆

3. Anne - October 13, 2010

A gray hair? As in, one?? I don’t even remember those days. Once when my former smart a** stylist finished my hair, he fluffed it and said “awww, I cut all the brown out.” Hahaha, very funny.

Tomorrow will be better.

Well, I’ve had a couple before, here and there. Unless they really were random blonde hairs.

Hard to tell, you know. 😉

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