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Va-ROOM! October 27, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in Information, mirth & woe.

You may recall how, last fall, I decided to exchange my Honda for a Volvo wagon for, well, a good reason.

Our Big Lug is so much happier and more comfortable, and really, isn’t that what’s important?

So, if you remember the acquiring of the Tank, you definitely remember the FIXING of the Tank, don’t you?  I didn’t get a chance to go into much detail about what-all got fixed – and believe me, a lot of stuff got fixed!

A lot of it was just basic maintenance – an oil change, a headlight out, rotating tires, alignment, that sort of thing.

But by far, the biggest repair involved the Turbo. I suspect that it wasn’t even 100% when I bought the car a year ago – and these things don’t get better, either.  Fortunately THIS was covered under the warranty-that-wasn’t, so, whew.

So my mechanic got all up under the hood and stuff, and determined that THAT was a big part of the problem with all the stupid engine lights being on all the time and stuff.

Then he proceeded to explain it to me.

See, that’s the thing about mechanics.  They do what they love, and they love what they do. And somewhere in there, they forget that to the rest of us, the stuff they do and love is, well, we don’t get it.

I’m talking “yawn.”  And believe me, I’ve tried to understand it.  My father is a mechanic – as a kid, I would have done just about anything to gain his approval – even climb under the hood of a car.  I just don’t get the fascination, that’s all.

So I didn’t realize the “turbo” was an actual whole separate part that could go bad.  (Which it did.)  I just assumed it was, I don’t know, the way the motor was built or how the exhaust worked or something.

And I certainly didn’t realize that the “technology” involved with my turbo was so involved that there were whole classes devoted to it.

Oh yes.  Jim had just gone to a class or a seminar or something all about these turbo-things.  And let me tell you, he was jazzed to be able to work on one right away!

(As an aside – he called me when the part came in, and I swear, he was stroking the part as he told me how much better it was going to be!)

So I got me a new turbo, and I decided to take the car out on the Parkway and, as they say, open ‘er up.

As another aside, I mentioned that to Surly Boy, and do you know what he said?

Wow, Mom.  You must be the oldest person EVER to take your car out on the Parkway.

Now I ask you, is that the way a son should talk to his beloved, young-looking mother?  I think not.


So Peeps and I went out for a drive, and there was this ratty old pickup truck that was just toddling along, and I said “hey, let me pass that!”

So I stomped on the gas pedal and Peeps’s head SNAPPED back against the headrest and I BLEW THAT TRUCK AWAY!

Oh, this is probably not gonna be good.



1. judy - October 27, 2010

UT OH!!!! be careful out there citizens. watch for the crazy lady! 🙂

Fear not, Jude – I try very hard to stay at (or near) the speed limit. Mostly. 😉

2. Anne - October 27, 2010

TURBO, baby!! Is by chance The Tank a diesel? I have a diesel Jeep Liberty with turbo, and dang, that baby can pass! There’s that ever so slight delay after you step on the gas, and zoooooooooom, we be gone! Only one tiny little issue with a turbo diesel. If you really gun it, it leaves everything behind you in a brief diesel fog. Ooops, sorry, guy on the bicycle. Didn’t mean to smoke you, but I was tired of following this hay baler.

It’s OK though, we make biodiesel, so our exhaust smells way better than regular diesel. Not like french fries, but not too bad.

You don’t have the french fry kind of biodeisel? What fun is that? 😆 I hope it at least smells like donuts then!

Nah, mine isn’t diesel. I used to work with a girl who drove a diesel (an old citation, maybe?), and she loved it. I always thought it sounded like it was on its last legs (cough, cough, wheeze, smoke, sputter), but she said it was just “cold.” Kinda put me off the diesel idea, I guess. 😉 Now I’m holding out for the flying cars. 😀

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