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Something completely different November 17, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in Family, random stuff, Surly Boy.
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As I was sitting down, preparing to upload a few photos for today’s blog post, I realized something.  I’ve got a stack of GREAT soups I want to tell you about, and not much else!  Now obviously, there’s nothing wrong with a little soup now and then, or even more often, but really, cooking – and eating – truly are not the only things we do!

Sometimes, here at Casa La Fridge, besides walking the dog and playing with the cat, we sometimes whack our heads against the walls, wondering W.T.F is wrong with that Boy?  (Please pardon my potty-acronyms!)  But honestly!

If you’ve been following along for the past year or so, you know about The Boy’s welder training, then he turned 21, and then he started his job in a foreign state, only to get laid off a few months later.


He was home for about a month – and it certainly wasn’t horrible, by any stretch of the imagination, to have him here.

And he called his employer weekly.  For a month, the Company said “Not this week, check back next.”

And, it turned out, because he’d only been there for something like five and a half months, he wasn’t eligible for unemployment.

And, it turned out, when you don’t have an income, it’s tough to pay your rent.  So he talked to his landlady (since, if you’re going to have trouble paying your rent, it’s always a good idea to be in communication sooner rather than later), but he ultimately ended up giving up his apartment.

But I get ahead of myself.

Let’s talk about his car first.

He finally – FINALLY – transferred the title to New Hampshire, and he got his NH plates and registration.

And then he finally – FINALLY – transferred his driver’s license, too.

Do you know what a New Hampshire temporary driver’s license looks like?  It looks like a cheesy black-and-white photocopy of someone else’s driver’s license.   (Which, I’m sure they’re used to that in New Hampshire, but not so much in New York. )

Anyway, he finally gave up on the “call me back next week” guy and interviewed for, and was offered, a welding job in a shop near his dad.  And he accepted that job – which would work out quite nicely all around, except, of course for the gross pay cut he’d be taking.  (Not just a cut in his hourly rate, but there’s a HUGE difference between confiscatory New York State payroll taxes, and, um NO New Hampshire State payroll taxes.  Something to keep in mind, is all I’m saying.)

So he cleaned out his NH apartment, packed up his room here at home, and headed for his dad’s house, where he’ll be staying until he gets back on his feet.   We’ll see how that works out for them.

(As an aside, I think it might have been his second day on the new job, when, you guessed it, Call-Me-Next-Week-Guy called him with a job.  *sigh*  He’d accepted another job AND given up his apartment – he’s not willing to go back.)

So anyway, he’s been driving around in his red car, with the special  loud-on-purpose muffler, with his size-13 lead foot on the accelerator pedal.

But we’re not here to talk about 2 speeding tickets and one loud muffler ticket – in the space of about a month.

We’re here to talk about putting things off until you create a real mess for yourself.

See, a while back, when he was staying with his grandparents, he did get ticketed – not for speeding, believe it or not (though that was probably why he was pulled over).  No, he received a ticket because he’d never changed the address on his driver’s license.  In New York, that’s supposed to be done within 10 days.  (The DMV likes to know where people are, I guess. )

Then, he moved to New Hampshire and drove around for a few months with New York plates – until he was finally given a warning – get New Hampshire plates, or get a ticket.

He chose the plates.

And then we went ahead and got the driver’s license (temporary).   (Which, honestly?  New York State Troopers seem to regard that black-and-white, photocopy-looking document with suspicion, to say the least.)

And then, about five minutes later, he moved to New York.  And made no arrangements for his mail, so, presumably, the real, permanent license was returned to the DMV.

And now, a couple of months later, his temporary license is expiring (expired?  I don’t want to know).  And he’s working all day every day and doesn’t have the time to chase down a replacement-new-substitute-whatever driver’s license.

Because, you know, we wouldn’t want to just Take Care of It Before It Becomes a Crisis, would we?

That sound you hear?  That’s me smacking him with a cold fish.  Maybe that’ll teach him.  Or not.



1. judy - November 17, 2010

OH MY! Why did we ever say we could hardly wait for them to grow up? Multiply that by 3 and you still wonder why I look so old? chin up girl.

Aw, Judy, you don’t look old!

You know, they say we spend the first year of their lives teaching them to walk and talk, and the next 20 trying to get them to sit down and shut up! 😆

2. mazco34 - November 17, 2010

Well, I’d like to lodge a complaint in my office. Peeps will understand. Pushing 50, and she still dresses like a street walker.

But has she been ticketed for it?

3. sjbraun - November 18, 2010

My goodness – how did *you* end up with this child? You know, as much as it’s frustrating to see a young child making choices you’d like to un-do, it must be 3x worse to see your older child making them 😦
(Hugs) and hopes that things will start turning around for SB.

Thanks. And you’re right. The problem is, all the stuff you’re supposed to do as a parent (let them fall down, let them learn from their mistakes, blah blah blah) – it’s harder when is mistake has the potential for real problems – yikes! However. I’m also seeing that the more hands-off I am about things like this, the quicker he figures it out for himself.

And please – I’ve certainly done more than my share of STUPID-STUPID-STUPID things. I think of it is a Harry Chapin moment – my boy is just like me. I guess that we all just have to learn some lessons the hard way. *dramatic sigh*

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