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Ah, the holidays November 19, 2010

Posted by Peeps in Family, Holidays Countdown, Home, just general griping, random stuff.

Can you believe that next week is the start of the holiday season?  The crowds, the endless shopping, the overeating, the bad weather, the having to be nice to all kinds of people you can’t stand.  Don’t you love it?

And yet, sadly, I get to miss a tiny little bit of it.  For the first time since we’ve been together, I will not be spending Thanksgiving with my wife.  I’m not really happy about that.

Instead of my wife’s delightful company on the trip down to her parents’ house, I get a longer trip by myself.  To my mother’s house.

You may recall that over the summer, she bought a house up here.  Well, since then she’s been throwing stuff out, getting ready to move.  Allegedly.

But she says she needs some help packing.  Unfortunately, I don’t really get any vacation time.  So, the four days off I have to get rested up for my Boss’s busy season means driving to New Jersey and doing a lot of heavy lifting.  And sleeping on a couch.  And other unpleasant things.

Like being out of touch.  There is no Internet access in my mother’s house.  Or cable.  Or much of anything else in the way of diversions.  But that’s okay, I guess.  I’ll be there to work, not have fun.

Now, I don’t begrudge her.  She’s my mother.  I’m supposed to be there if she needs help.  Even if I wish she could pay to have the movers pack up her stuff.

And, there’s an added bonus.  I’ll get to revive a Thanksgiving tradition I thought long lost.  Thanksgiving Day dinner from White Castle!  It’s been almost a decade since I’ve gotten to do that.

So, while all in all it shouldn’t be a horrible trip, it probably won’t be as nice as staying home.  But at least I won’t be trying to score a bargain at some store on Black Friday at some ridiculous hour of the morning.



1. mazco34 - November 19, 2010

When she’s finished, do you want me to bring the power washer over and give the old joint a once over?

Peeps - November 22, 2010

It sounds good, but you might damage the floors. I’ll ask her.

2. judy - November 19, 2010

Man! That was kind of a whine. Or not. I hope it does not turn out as bad as you are setting it up to. Set the tone, get upbeat! And, yes, what did people do with themselves before the BOOM of everything electronic, instant, in 3 D. A nice walk, buy a new book read, etc. And have a nice turkey day and then come home to your wonderful wife! With a smile on your face! She has her own stuff from what I can read today!

hugs to you both and of course the pup and the cat. It is all good.

Peeps - November 22, 2010

Upbeat is not really my sort of thing. But I’ll get through it.

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