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Squash AND Sausage? Together? Yeah. November 23, 2010

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As you may know, we’ve been on the never-ending quest to empty the freezer.  That’s not as easy as it seems, given that by “freezer” I mean a HUGE chest freezer and a smaller upright freezer.  And, of course, the freezer over the refrigerator.

PhotobucketSee, I’ve gotten into the habit of buying (and cooking) in bulk and freezing just about everything.  Not to say that that’s a bad thing, really – it’s certainly cost-effective.  And it allows us to make big batches of stuff that really needs to be made in big batches – it’s just that, when there are just two of us, well, you need a plan if you’re doing pretty much anything “in bulk.”  And it’s hard to have a plan when you really don’t know what’s going on down there in the freezer, you know?

PhotobucketAdd to that the fact that our eating habits are shifting a bit – we’re starting to move away from the “slab o’ meat and some starch” and more toward the “fresh veggies with a little meat” sort of meals, some of us a bit more willingly than others, but, well, yeah.

So anyway, I came home from the market a while ago with a plethora of squashes – some butternut, and some acorn squash and some buttercups – it was the hat trick of squash.

I do love me some squash.

Of course, squash, on its own, doesn’t help with the freezer, does it?

Unless. . . unless I could find something to do with the squash that involved meat.  And not just any meat, but the chicken sausage that we made last summer.

PhotobucketNow here’s the thing with this sausage.  Although we thought we followed the recipe to the letter, I’m pretty sure we must have done something wrong.

I’m not saying we hated the sausage, exactly.  But I’m not NOT saying it, either, if you know what I mean.  And it was far too much work to just pitch.  Which leaves us with re-purposing it.

So we’ve got squash, and we’ve got chicken, basil and tomato sausage.  Can we do something with them together?  So I asked Google, and Google gave me Emeril’s recipe for butternut squash and Italian sausage soup.

All right, let’s do it.

PhotobucketThis was really pretty simple – first we roasted the squash and scraped it out of the skin, then we took the sausage out of the casings (after all that work getting it into the casings!) and browned that a bit.

Add a chopped onion, a few cloves of minced garlic, a bunch of chopped sage, and some fresh marjoram.  Let that cook until the onions are soft, then stir in the roasted squash, a quart of chicken stock plus a couple of cups of water, and bring the whole thing to a boil.


Now here’s the really freaky thing.

You take this entire pot of soup – squash, sausage and everything – and you blend it.

That’s right.  Either dump the soup in the blender, or use the stick blender.

I’m pretty sure I never EVER would have even considered blending sausage.  I mean – this sausage has been ground, mixed, and shoved into casings.  How much abuse can meat actually take?

A lot, it turns out.  The stick blender pulverized the soup – sausage and all – into a fairly smooth consistency.


A couple of notes here – first, this soup was surprisingly good!

I mean, given the fact that we weren’t happy with the underlying sausage, especially, we were both surprised by how tasty it was.

And – and this is important – the leftovers freeze very nicely.  I shared a quart with our neighbors, and the rest, I put into two individual serving containers in the freezer.  And they’ve made a couple of very convenient – and tasty – lunches.

Who would have thought?



1. Anne - November 23, 2010

Well it’s certainly colorful! I’m slowly learning to eat squash, which I learned to fondly detest as a child. I do admit to cooking a wee tiny acorn squash over the weekend, only to end up throwing it out because we didn’t like it. Gotta draw the line somewhere!

Aww, that’s too bad, Anne. 😦 Though I’ll admit that acorn squash is probably my least favorite – not much flavor there. You’ve got to fill them up with something yummy!

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