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Monday Musings: Holy Cow it’s December! December 6, 2010

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This was a market week, and I’ll have you know I showed remarkable restraint – a bag of onions and a couple of squash were about it in the fresh produce department.  Well, that, and some (non-local) (obviously) citrus and pineapple.

And, too, some fresh spices and maple sugar.  Peeps especially likes maple sugar on his oatmeal, and let’s face it – oatmeal season is upon us!

I also picked up several pairs of “magic gloves” – they were a buck a pair, and they’re perfect to keep in the pockets of every jacket for dog-walking, at least until the really cold weather starts.


Speaking of dog-walking.  Since I had stuff in the oven, Peeps was kind enough to offer to walk the dog by himself.  In the snow.  And the wind.


And what do you know?  The minute the dog was out the front door, guess who came up from the basement and started checking the place out?

She took the first chance she got to check and make sure there wasn’t anything better in the dog’s food dish than in her own.



Clearly, she’s less than impressed.


How about a gripping installment of the Shopping  With Peeps  series?


We noticed, as we were walking by the produce department, a new item – it’s essentially a salad waiting to happen.

Just Add Lettuce!  Woo!

Apparently it’s all the toppings, plus dressing, for a “gourmet salad.”  They even have a website (complete with video!).


PhotobucketMy car was due for its annual inspection last month – do all the states have that, or is it just the People’s Republic of New York?

Anyway, part of The State’s requirement is that my tires be in good condition – and, sadly, mine weren’t going to make it another winter.  WHICH I already knew, thankyouverymuch, New York State.

And my little rebellion is – and always has been – to let my inspection actually inspire.  Which basically means, instead of inspecting my car every 12 months, I do it every thirteen.  (This is me, sticking it to The Man.)

So anyway, I ended up replacing all four tires (You evidently have to do them all at once with a 4-wheel-drive.  Don’t ask me why.) with tires whose technology was “stolen from the finish.”

That’s what he said.

When I looked at him blankly, he repeated it.  Finally, I had to tell my mechanic that I had no idea what that meant.

That’s when he looked at me blankly.

Finnish.  You know, Finland?

Oooh.  Technology stolen from the Finnish.  Now I get it.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  And wow, is it December here in Upstate New York, or what?  All I’m going to say is – there’s a reason we don’t live in Buffalo, you know what I’m saying?  However, the forecasts are calling for a foot of snow here in the next 24 hours, and that’s plenty bad enough for me – it’s a good thing we’re in “comfort food” mode, huh?  (Well, that and 4-wheel-drive with new snow tires!)

Monday – Peeps dug out an old favorite – it’s basically chicken tenders, baked on top of stuffing.  It’s very good – and it will be perfect with some roasted buttercup squash.

Tuesday – And we dug a recipe out of the “hey that sounds good” file – of which there are many! – for pork chops with a mustard cream sauce.  I’ve got some celery root that I’ll do as a puree – that seems like it will stand up well to mustard cream sauce, doesn’t it?

Wednesday – Wednesday is (almost) always soup night – and this week, we’re finally using up the leeks I picked up at the market a couple of weeks ago in a cream of leek soup.  This soup is so simple, and it’s so good!

Thursday – Since we had a beef chuck roast in the freezer that needed cooking, I opted to go with a stew – not just any stew, mind you, but Dorie Greenspan’s Beef Daube, which, apparently, translates to “beef stew.”  We’ll serve that with either mashed potatoes or noodles.  Don’t know yet.

Friday – And it’s pizza night – yay!  Last week’s experiment – stuffing the Kong toy with peanut butter and kibble, then tossing it in the freezer – was a resounding success!   It is so nice to relax on the couch with a couple of slices of pizza at the week, knowing the puppy is happily enjoying his Friday evening too!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. sjbraun - December 6, 2010

I love how you can make daily life so amusing – just add lettuce, “finnish,” etc. 🙂
How is your dog doing? Well, I hope.
Gee, NY really does sound like a “people’s republic” – I’ve never heard of a state REQUIRING annual car inspections! Gee! I can say that neither Indiana nor Alabama have that rule.

So, what you’re saying, then, is that you still live in America? 😉 New York has evidently always been quite the workers’ paradise. . .

mazco34 - December 6, 2010

New Jersey requires vehicle inspection too. Peeps could explain that joy.
I didn’t mind taking the vehicles. I would grab a cup of coffee, danish and a magazine and get in line.
Of course, having to go in June is a helluva lot better than going in December.

Yeah, he told me that your inspections are done by the State itself. Huh. At least here, the state is driving the business to the private sector, anyway.

2. judy - December 6, 2010

Good week! Well fed cat you have living in the basement. She looks good. The snow looks bad to me but your tires will make you safer. Soup is so appealing when it is cold. Have a good week all around.

Hey, Judy! Kitty says hi . . . though she may have been spitting in the puppy’s dish – it’s hard to tell with her!

3. judy - December 6, 2010

New Mexico requires an emission test only but I sweat it every year as I have a very old car. Texas had the inspection but no emission. Go figure!

What really gets me is that if, for whatever reason, the car DOESN’T pass, and if it’ll cost “too much” to fix, you can get a waiver.

Seriously. If your car is in SUCH BAD SHAPE that it will not pass the safety and/or emissions inspection, and it’ll cost too much extra to fix it, well, OK, we’ll let it go.


4. Anne - December 6, 2010

NC requires an inspection. In fact, they just changed it in the last year or so, that you must get your car inspected before you can renew your tags. No way to stretch that one to 13 months, unless you want to run on an expired plate.

In fact, even before that you couldn’t stretch it. Didn’t matter if you were 90 days late (which costs $100 fine, ask me how I know :?), it was still only good until the month it was supposed to be due. No way to stick it to the man here!!

Yoiks! That’s sneaky, tying the registration to the inspection! NY has plate registration every two years, though – I guess annual renewal created too much work for those poor, overworked state employees!

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