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Best. Day. Ever. December 15, 2010

Posted by Jarlaxle the Wonder Dog in Big Lug, random stuff.

I am Jarlaxle, and I am Excellent.

You all know that I love some summer beach action – I mean, who wouldn’t, right?

But do you know what’s almost as cool?


Heh, get it?  Snow. . . cool!  Oh, I am SO excellent!  HA!

You all know that Mama and Papa and I (and the smelly squeaky-cat) live in upstate New York, where we get some awesomely cool snow, even though we’re not in Buffalo or anything.

So, on about the fourth straight snowy day, Mama and I got suited up to go for our morning walk. We like walking early, when there are no Stupid School Buses full of those two-legged, hairless puppies to scare me.  Those puppies, they jump and whoop and yell – and I can never figure out what’s going on with them, plus the Stupid School Buses are loud.  And they smell like the UPS truck, which is just wrong.

Nope, the only thing we ever have to worry about on our morning walks are Big Ugly Snowplows – and boy, I don’t like them.   Mama never lets me chase them, though – she says it’s too dangerous because they can’t see me in the dark.

All the better to sneak up on them, I say!

But Mama says no, and I am an Excellent Puppy and try to do what she tells me.  (Mostly.)

So there we were, walking along in the snow before the sidewalks had even been cleared!  That’s the best, you know – when I can stick my face in the snow  (all the way to my ears!) and sniff around – you just never know what you’ll discover under there!

As we were getting ready to head back home,  we turned the corner, and all of a sudden, we heard

Brody!  Get back here!

And then, here comes this big, fluffy black dog – almost, but not quite, as big as me!  And he’s running right straight toward us!

It’s my bestie, Brody!  (Well, really, my second bestie, because my BFF Thunder is really my bestie.) I never-hardly-ever get to hang with Brody – his mom works too, and the only time I ever see him is if we walk by his house and he happens to be outside.

His mom lets him play in the yard without a leash.  I’m just saying.

So Brody came running down the street to say hi to me, and we did the chest-bumping stuff that us guys do – then I peed on his tree, and we had to get going.

As we were walking away, I heard Brody’s mom scolding him:

You didn’t come when I called you!  Naughty boy!

Boy, I guess moms are pretty much all the same, aren’t they?


I didn’t know what we’d do when we got home.  Usually, Mama throws a ball for me, and I go get it, slobber it up good, and give it to her in exchange for a treat.  But the other day, the ball just disappeared!  I looked all over the place, shoving my face into ALL the snow, but it was just gone.

Mama tried the soft squishy ball, hoping it would float on top of the snow, but once I slobbered it up, that didn’t work so well.  That, and it doesn’t even taste very good.

And Mama doesn’t like giving me the wee little tennis ball that I found on one our walks one morning.  She’s afraid I’ll swallow it or something.

Like I’d swallow something I’m not supposed to.  Huh.  Moms.

So anyway, we got home, after a great walk, and guess what was right there on the porch?

Go on, guess.

Give up?

It was my WATER WUBBA!  I haven’t got to play with that for SO LONG!  And it was so great – and so much fun!  When Mama came home from work she wanted Papa to see how EXCELLENT I am, so we got to play in the daylight, too!



1. Karen - December 15, 2010

Cute. My lab saw snow last year. She wouldn’t walk in it. I think it scared her.

That is one happy puppy.

Hi, Karen! Jarly was kind of freaked out the first time it snowed here, too – though he, of necessity, had to get over it! 😆

2. Alanna at Kitchen Parade - December 15, 2010

Clever! You totally nabbed a dog’s voice, YOUR dog’s voice but mine, I think too. 🙂 Great work, great fun! This deserves wide readership, start submitting it some places!

Thanks, Alanna – you’re very kind. I wouldn’t even know how to start submitting anything – though I’ll definitely look into it!

3. judy - December 15, 2010

Such a pup! He sure was excited was he not? Thanks as always for a great read. That is a lot of snow seems to me. brrrrr.

Yes, Judy, it is a lot of snow – some (like me!) might even say too much. It Just. Won’t. Stop. 🙄

4. Anne - December 15, 2010

It sounds like Jarly the Excellent had an excellent day. I’m sure he enjoyed all of that snow more than pretty much anyone else. I hope he doesn’t get to have that much snow fun every day from now till, say, April. :shocked:

At the rate we’ve been going, I wouldn’t be surprised. They’re talking about the possibility of the “snowiest December on record.” 😥

5. sjbraun - December 18, 2010

AWWWW! And the music just *makes* it 🙂

Thanks! You know, it often surprises me to see how very happy he is. When we got him (over 2 years ago!) he almost never even wagged his tail, and now he’s smiling and wagging all the time. 🙂

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