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Pizza Night With the Dog December 29, 2010

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We’ve talked about Friday night pizza night before – Peeps takes his pizza very seriously!

Usually, while Peeps is tossing, topping and baking the pizzas, I stuff some kibble, along with maybe some peanut butter, cheese, or cream cheese into the Extreme Kong.  Then, once the pizza is done, we set up TV trays in the living room, give the Kong to the dog, and put our feet up and watch some TV.

Unfortunately, he’s not a patient sort.


Hand over the peanut butter and nobody gets hurt.


Yeah, our puppster is a peanut butter junkie.  He loves him some PB – and, fortunately, that’s the easiest way to fill the Kong – a little kibble plus a little peanut butter equals happy puppy.

As long as he remembers where the toy ends and my fingers start.

I counted to make sure – yep, fingers are all there.


There, that’s better – taste – gently.

This particular week, I tried something new, you see.

I took a scoop of rolled oats and a good-sized spoonful of peanut butter, mixed them together, and stuffed the Kong.

Then I stuck the whole thing in the freezer.

A peanut butter popsicle, if you will!

PhotobucketLet me just way – the original peanut butter-oatmeal popsicle was certainly a hit.  The Jar (that’s what we call him sometimes) was all over it – licking and slurping and, in general, giving his tongue quite a workout.

He left slobbery puddles all over the carpet.  And we enjoyed our pizza and TV in peace.

Well, in peace except for the excessive slurping noises coming from across the room.


I learned, though, that even The Jar’s tongue doesn’t reach the entire length of the Kong toy – at least not easily.

We finally went to bed, leaving him downstairs working on it.

When we got up in the morning, there was a giant puddle of slobber in the middle of the floor and the Kong with just a bit of peanut butter oatmeal packed into the very farthest reaches of the small end – which I later scraped loose with a spoon for him.

So now?

We fill the small end with kibble and just top it off with the PBO (that’s Peanut Butter Oatmeal) then freeze – it keeps him just busy enough for us to enjoy a quiet evening, without having to clean up peanut butter slobber the next morning.



1. LadyDog - December 29, 2010

Woof! My mom has LOST my kong and I’ve been hunting for it ALL over. Would you please remind her that I love peanut butter in my kong and it used to be so much fun and I hardly ever slobber like your dog does? Woof.

Aw, poor Lady! I don’t know what dogs did before Kong toys! Though I’ll bet there was a lot less slobber to clean up!

2. bear - December 29, 2010

i don’t have a kong. i lose interest in toys even if food is involved. instead i quiver as my people eat in front of me.
then when they finally decide to give me something, the big guy fakes the throw.
i hate that.

Aw, poor Bear. Jarly has managed to figure out the art of keeping one eye on me and one on where he thinks “it” is going to land – it gets harder to fool him every day! (But you should have seen him when his Wubba accidentally landed in a tree!)

3. Lady - December 29, 2010

I don’t have a kong, either. I’m really not into chew toys, I’m much too feminine for that. But I do station myself a few feet away from anyone eating dinner, and fix them with the Laser Glare of Death until they let me lick the plates. Sometimes they banish me to my bed, but the LGoD still works from there.

I don’t slobber, but it is quite fun to take my kibble, one piece at a time, to the carpet to crunch it up, leaving crumbage on the floor. Mom loves that. ‘Cept I’m afraid of the vacuum cleaner, so it’s only fun for a while.

Not the Laser Glare of Death! The Jar likes to lick the plates in the dishwasher when we’re loading it – it’s the funniest thing to watch Peeps doing battle with The Tongue!

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