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Monday Musings: 01.03.11 (New Decade) Edition January 3, 2011

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Happy New Year!


I’d like to offer my best wishes to anyone reading for a wonderful new year!  This year, Peeps and I upheld our longstanding tradition –  we shoveled a path through the snow on the deck to the grill, fired it up, and grilled a couple of rib-eye steaks.

Rib-eye is our favorite steak, I’d have to say, and there’s just something special, a couple of months after the snow starts flying, about a good grilled steak – something we’re not going to get to enjoy again for several months.

And we’ve been doing it pretty much as long as we’ve been together.



I also wooted my first wine woot.  Woot was offering a three-pack of vintage Iron Horse sparkling wines at a very, very good price.

We usually toast the new year with actual Champagne, but this year, we decided to go with the domestic Iron Horse – after all, if it’s good enough for Spenser and Hawk, it’s good enough for us, I’d say.


And, it turns out, we were not disappointed.



I stopped off at a local bakery the other day and picked up dessert for us.

Is it mean that I had them put the two slices of carrot cake in a box, and I sealed the box and left it on the counter with a note that said “DESSERT – NO PEEKING”?

After all, what good is a surprise if you know what it’s going to be?



One thing we did this long weekend was to clean out the basement.

WOW what a job!  I think the last time we did this was about 5 years ago – also on New Year’s Day.

However, at least the  Kitty seems to be happy; once she got over our invading her space for several hours, she was more than happy to claim a stack of moving blankets as her new resting place.



We also found a box of brownie mix that had been downstairs for who-knows-how-long.

I was kind of afraid to check the “best by” date – it was a 4-pack of mix, and I vaguely remember getting it as Sam’s Club a while back.

So I went ahead and made up a batch of the brownies.  Regardless of the “best by” date – these were perfectly fine.

In fact, they were pretty darn good.  And we’ve got three more pouches to bake.


We’ve been able to do some serious morning walks over the holidays.  I mean, we get back from walking, give the puppster his breakfast, and he crashes.


But it’s good to know he’s comfortable, anyway.


After all, he needs to keep up his energy!

I made a batch of burritos, and as soon as he was hip to the fact that  there was not only cheese involved, but burritos, well, he was right there, Jarly-on-the-spot.


No match for the canine vacuum cleaner!

I may never have to sweep the kitchen floor again.

(Kidding.)  (Really.)


We sorted through the last of the apples left from this year’s apple-picking trip – and added some cranberries and made some applesauce.


Three quarts isn’t really that much applesauce, is it?  It sure is tasty, that’s for sure!



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  The weather forecast says, essentially, it’s January in Rochester.  Cold, snow, the usual.  That’s okay, though – we’ve got a well-stocked freezer, and we are prepared.

Monday – We scored a good deal on some shrimp, so we’ll be doing a shrimp fra diavolo –  we used the same recipe for scallops a while back, and it was wonderful, so of course it will be at least as wonderful with shrimp!

Tuesday –  Since we made approximately a boatload and a half of applesauce this weekend, Peeps suggested some pork chops to go with it, and I was more than happy to agree.  We’ll probably pan-fry some boneless loin chops to go with the applesauce, saute a bit of collard greens we have knocking around, and maybe some barley just because we picked some up on sale last week.

Wednesday – is soup night.  We’ve made this sweet potato corn chowder a couple of times now  – we’ve slightly tweeked it to our tastes, and it’s very good.

Thursday – We had some prime rib left from Christmas dinner that we froze, and this week, we’ll be enjoying, basically, steak and eggs – breakfast for dinner.  Peeps baked a couple of extra potatoes the other night, so we’ll also enjoy some home fries.  Heck, we might even make some biscuits.

Friday – Yay, it’s pizza night!  The past two weeks, pizza night has been delayed, and it is so good to get back into the routine!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. justkia - January 3, 2011

Your menu sounds delicious and that carrot cake looks divine! Not at all mean to hide them in a box and say no peeking =)

Thanks, Justkia, and thanks for stopping by!

2. mazco34 - January 3, 2011

I know that Peeps has always said, “I never met a potato I didn’t like,” but geez those look out-flipping-standing! How were they made?

I’ll let him explain – I know they were simple, but he usually does them. 🙂

3. judy - January 3, 2011

Just good food all over the blog and kitty and puppy too. Good way to start the new year. Enjoyed as always.

Hey, Judy – thanks! The babies send you hugs. 😆

4. Melinda - January 3, 2011

Now that is the kind of breakfast for dinner my family would love. I might have to try steak and eggs! Good menu! Have a great week! Melinda

Thanks, Melinda – you too!

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