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Chicken and Stuffing is Easy Enough January 6, 2011

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You may (or may not) remember the couple of times Peeps and I have mentioned our prior business life – the one where we ran a meal-prep business.

What we  basically did was help people who otherwise probably wouldn’t have bothered with cooking step away from the Lean Cuisine and Domino’s for at least a spell.


It was amazing to see grown women (mostly women – some men) who had never actually touched raw meat, or who were unfamiliar with the most basic of ingredients.

Yes, that’s what a chopped up onion looks like. . .

And honestly, these people were the reason we started this business.  People who needed someone to just help point them in the direction of home-cooking.


One of our most popular meals (both among our customers and among us!) was a chicken and stuffing bake – originally designed to be baked in individual muffin tins (oh, how cute!), Peeps and I both agree that we prefer it baked all together in a single pan.

We start with the basic chicken (chopped into bite-sized pieces) and diced onions and celery, to which we add some chicken broth and seasoning (salt, pepper, poultry seasoning).


When that all gets mixed together, you stir in a couple of cups of those stuffing croutons that, while they’re front and center in the supermarkets around the holidays, they’re still available if you look for them the rest of the year.

Everything gets stirred together, dumped into a greased pan (or muffin tin if that’s the way you want to roll) and baked.


We use a loaf pan, but if you doubled the recipe, you’d use a square pan, and if you went the muffin tin route, you’d use six.


Bake at 375 until the chicken part of the show is done (if you’re the thermometer type, look for 165-degrees) – it’s going to take, all told, 40-50 minutes.

And if you’re really in a holiday mood, roasting some squash while the chicken – stuffing is baking is certainly not a bad idea.  In fact, it’s not a bad idea even if you’re not in a holiday mood – it’s mighty darned good!

And here, for your mealtime pleasure, is a printable version right here.



1. Kia @ A View From Here - January 7, 2011

This sounds like one of those dishes that is delicious and fills you up on those days when standing over the stove isn’t a high priority =)
Will give this a try sometime soon.

That’s exactly what what it is Kia – warm and cozy and filling. 🙂

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