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A little help here January 7, 2011

Posted by Peeps in just general griping, news, random stuff.

Can someone please explain to me who is it that decides that something is news?

I saw two different news items Thursday morning on Yahoo.  This one and this one.  And I’ll bet you’ll never guess which one is getting talked about on the news more.

Why in the name of all that’s holy does anyone care what the President wears?  While he’s on vacation?  For the eighty-seventh time during his administration?  What makes this news?  It’s not as though he’s Paris freaking Hilton, thank the Lord.  Cut.  It.  Out.

Celebrity news is bad enough.  That’s easy enough to ignore.  Which is something I practice.  But someone has to make this sort of thing stop.

Any news article about the President should have a direct connection to his job and what he’s doing (or not doing) for this country.  I am sick of hearing about his every move.  And I’m not even talking about the current President.  Every single one of them since Nixon has been getting the same sort of non-stop coverage that makes the press seem like even bigger idiots than they already are.

Okay, for what it’s worth, back when the first President Bush vomited on the Prime Minister of Japan, I laughed.  It was funny.  But it did have a direct effect on our relations with the Japanese.  So, that would make it news.

News is supposed to be something important that the public should know about.  If you live in Massachusetts, knowing that your lieutenant governor is willing to risk his life for someone else is news.

I don’t personally need to know what color tie the President is wearing today.  Or what his favorite food is.  Or anything else about him other than he’s doing his level best to keep this country safe and prosperous.  Naturally.

So, if you know who the people are in charge of deciding what is news and what isn’t, let me know where I can find them.  I’d like to have a quiet chat with them.



1. Bee - January 7, 2011

BREATHE!!!!! Just take a breath and BREATHE, Peeps! Jeez, it’s just what’s known in the business as a “Fluff Piece”! It breaks up the actual news of Govenor’s Jailed, Sex Scandels in the Church, Ponzi Schemes Robbing Seniors of their Life Savings and the continued high Jobless Rate! As it is, people say, “I won’t watch the news! It’s too depressing!” Well, you can’t have it both ways…oops!, I guess you can, now that there’s cable. Want Fluff? Watch TMZ and E! Want “Hard-sitting news stories? Watch CNN. And what constitutes “news”? A dog rescued from a pond? A homeless man being courted by the nation? The Royal Couple? Or just gritty, in-your face, depressing statistics??? Just make yourself a nice cuppa, Peeps, and quit stressin’ about flip-flops; millions of people around the world LOVE them! I know that my Fl. and Ca. friends thought it was hilarious that Obama wore THEIR kind of footware. Now THAT’S a President people can identify with; at least he wasn’t wearing a t-shirt offering “Free Mustache Rides!” LOL

2. mazco34 - January 7, 2011

Dude, you should know that 90+% of journalism is directed at the multiple demographic appeal. And I know that while you fall into multiple demographic categories, yet you are hardly common.

But there is hope – remember a few years back when Mika Brzezinski refused to read a Paris Hilton item:

Now that’s news.

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