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Conspiracy January 12, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in Home, just general griping, Living Out Loud, mirth & woe, Musings.

That’s almost what it seems like around here lately.

No, not the tin-foil-hat-show kind of conspiracy – no aliens or governments hiding The Truth.

I’m talking about events conspiring.

I’ve had some, well, some thoughts on my mind for a while, things I’ve been trying to sort out.

It’s getting to the point here where it’s kind of hard to think about writing a blog post, because I feel like I should be writing about this. . . this junk that’s on my mind.  And I’d just about gotten to the point of, as Nike says, “just do it,” when I came into work Monday, and it seems that everyone in the world needed something from me Right This Minute.

I ended up working far later than I like to work, which left me precious little time for, well, for getting my head together, at least enough to write coherently about what’s going on inside it.

And today, Mon Capitán happened to mention to me that he was going out of town.


For two weeks.

Um, yikes.  I mean, while I can certainly hold down the fort and all, I need a little notice, you know?

Add to that the fact that there’s a “Major Blizzard” forecast for the NY Metro area, so we have downstate clients who are scrambling to reschedule things.  Rescheduling them for TODAY.

You know, just in case they get snowed in and can’t get to work tomorrow.

Yeah, I know that trick.  They’re going to get up in the morning, see something horrendous like, uh, 2 inches of snow, and remember that they got everything done that needed to be done the day before, so they’re going to stay home and make a snowman.  I know how that works.

So anyway, here I am, not much to say, really, except that I’ve got nothing to say.

Check back tomorrow – we’ll be cooking again.



1. judy - January 12, 2011

You are allowed to have nothing to say or nothing that you want to share or publish or even think about. Or even cook. Take care of YOU. Two weeks? That is a long time. What if YOU get snowed in? Just saying.

Heh. If I get snowed in with The Tank, the world is snowed in! 😀 In which case, I stay home. 😉

2. sjbraun - January 13, 2011

Okay – until I clicked thru, I assumed Peeps was taking off for 2 wks 🙂 Maybe work will actually be more fun with the boss gone???

Hey – it’s always more fun with him gone. Plus I get actual work done. 😉

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