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Monday Musings: 01.24.2011 January 24, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff, Shopping With Peeps.

May I just start by saying . . .

Enough is enough!  I have HAD it with this monkey-fighting cold and this Monday-to-Friday snow.

(It was 16 degrees when we got up this morning (Sunday).    That was actually the high for the day.  The temperature, 12 hours later, is 2.  Zero-two degrees.)


PhotobucketQuick question?  Does it really count as “begging” if the dog doesn’t actually stand up to look at you sadly?

Poor pitiful, starving puppy.  Peeps will probably tell you later on in the week just what he was wishing so hard for a taste of.


Okay, I need some opinions here.  I’ve been wanting to bake some beans pretty much as soon as the weather started getting cold.   Finally – FINALLY – I’ve got them done, and then we planned our menu for the week, and. . . when are we going to have them?  Soup night?  Pizza night?  With the corned beef?

So we decided to go with a classic – beans and weenies.  Only. . . neither of us has ever actually had beans and weenies.  Embarrassing, I know.  But here’s the thing.  Do you just have beans and, well, hot dogs?  What kind of hot dogs?  Are they on a roll?  Cut up into the beans?  Do you serve a vegetable with it?  And is it “weenies” or “weinies”?

So I appeal to you – my tens of readers – help us out here!



So.  Has anyone actually been watching this new show, $#*! My Dad Says?

Is it awful or what? I mean. . . even with that legendary thesbian, William Shatner, it’s still pretty, um, yeah.

So imagine our surprise when we saw that this show had won the “People’s Choice Award.”   Seriously?  People’s Choice?

I have two questions.  What people, and what were the other choices?

  • Fingernails on chalkboard
  • Babies crying
  • Stomach flu
  • $#*! My Dad Says

Okay, choose one!


I do love our kitty too, but sometimes, she makes it awfully hard.  Putting aside her unreasonable insistence upon hanging out in the basement during waking hours, and her sneaking around on the dining room table after we go to bed (she thinks we don’t know but we do), I still try to make time every day to go down to the basement and give her her share of loving.




Oh Shopping With Peeps this morning – there must be a handbook or something for the Pepsi stocking guys, huh?

Though I must say – it might be nice to see something other than that World Series of football stuff, you know?



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  Boy, it’s sure been cold around here lately – and the forecast is showing no sign of its letting up any time soon, either.  This week, we’ll be rolling out some cold-weather favorites.

Monday –  Split chicken breasts were on sale this week for $1 a pound, which is our cue to buy chicken!  For the majestic investment of $9, I’ve got 3 packages of boneless, skinless breast cutlets, 2 packages each of tenders and chicken chunks, and two boneless, skin-on breasts for dinner this week – plus a good start towards our next batch of chicken stock.  We love oven-roasted chicken breast – we’ll probably do a variation of our hazelnut-rosemary chicken along with a cheesy broccoli and rice casserole that we, um, made up to use the aging broccoli that was in the fridge.

Tuesday – We’re going to try the whole beans-and-weenies thing, along with a fresh tossed salad.  Gotta have some grownup food in there, right?

Wednesday – It is swim class night – we missed last time because of the hideous amounts of snow we were having, so you-know-who is going to be beside himself with joy!  Once we get home (and dry!) we’ll enjoy a lentil and bacon soup recipe that I picked up the other day.   You’ve gotta love a soup with “bacon” right in the title!

Thursday – We found some corned beef while we were cleaning the freezer, so while I was baking beans, Peeps was braising that.  We’ll have that with (of course) potatoes and carrots.  No cabbage, though.

Friday – And the end of another week brings us to pizza night – it really is nice having a something one night that we don’t have to think about! The only thing I have to decide is what to put on my pie.  That, and what to put in the dog’s Kong this week!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. bikinfool - January 24, 2011

Hiya. Thought I’d stop in and visit after you left that comment over at my place. I was checking out your 101 Things list & following links there. You’d mentioned a restaurant or two that sounded familiar (Rooney’s, 2Vine), then there was the hockey game night and a trip to the Dinosaur.

Once again, I am amazed by just how small the world can get. We were at the Dinosaur only a few weeks ago with our brood. (Waaaaaayyy better choice than Tahou’s!) Haven’t been to a hockey game in a few years, but considering how they’ve been doing, we’re not missing much.

Oh – for restaurants, consider checking out this little place called Edibles some time. Near the corner of University & Atlantic. Great, great food. Definitely a “special night” kinda place though.

Take Care,
Brian, ‘bikinfool’

Brian, thanks so much for stopping by. I’ll definitely put Edibles on my list – I do prefer restaurants that come recommended – much better than advertising. 😉

And YAY! Dinosaur – that was the pretty much the only way I used to get The Boy to come quietly to Geva – the promise of dinner at Dinosaur. Poor kid, he spent his childhood having live theatre and BBQ forced on him. . .

2. Karen - January 24, 2011

My mom never made beanie weenies so neither did I. When we would go eat at a friend of her’s Miss Betty would make that and she cut up the dogs and put them in the beans. I just prefer my hot dog as a hot dog with the yummy toppings, but that’s just me.

So sorry about the cold. I would not be able to survive.

See, here in Rochester, a hot dog is a white hot, with meat sauce, mustard and onions, and it’s on an Italian roll. Peeps has brought me around to Nathans and Hebrew National, which are a whole different animal.

And Karen, the cold is bad enough, but dude! You have to deal with heat and humidity that would leave me a puddle!

3. judy - January 24, 2011

Is Kitty cranky from the cold? I am cranky from the cold and want to bite someone too! My mom cut the hot dogs up into the beans. Have not had that in ages! hummm?

I think Kitty is still sulking over the dog. She comes upstairs the minute we (or at least the dog) go upstairs at night and is all set to play. I’ve got a ball that’s filled with catnip and a laser pointer – and she’s suddenly play-with-me-kitty. 😆

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