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Review: The Java Jive – Take 2 February 1, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in Family, Food, Review.

Is it any wonder that when I was asked if I wanted to review Marley Coffee, I jumped on the opportunity?  After all, my love of coffee is well-documented, or at least documented.

LEGAL JUNK:  What follows is a product review.  I was given a 12-ounce bag of coffee beans to review, and that’s what I’m doing.  I am nothing if not honest, and my opinions are my own.  But the coffee was a gift, just so you know.

We were literally headed out the door last Wednesday, on our way to swim class when the UPS truck pulled up in front of the house.  Peeps met him at the edge of the yard while I kept the Big Lug from trying to jump through the window.  (He knows the UPS guy is afraid of him, and it amuses him, I think.  Idiot.)


Since we were expecting a shipment of coffee of some sort, we just tossed the package in the house and went on our merry way, and when we got home, we opened the package and found a very generous 12-ounce package of coffee.

We did not know which coffee we were expecting – Marley coffee does offer a selection of coffees, most of which we would be very happy to try.


What we received was a 12-ounce package of Marley Coffee’s “One Love” coffee, which, according to the website, is a medium roast.   Perfect.

And we put it up until the weekend, which is when we actually have time to enjoy our coffee.

The website’s description of this coffee reads:

One Love brings our carefully selected, 100% Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans to you. Full of floral notes and revealing hints of blueberry, cocoa and spice, this well-rounded coffee tantalizes your palate, leaving a profound cherry finish. Brew an extra cup, and “let’s get together and feel all right.”


Now, there’s one thing you should know.  Peeps and I both drink our coffee black (him with sugar, and me without).   (Okay, two things – sometimes, Peeps pours the morning coffee into our gun mugs – his is Beretta and mine is Glock.)

And when we grind our coffee, we grind it immediately before brewing – no sitting around getting stale for our weekend coffee!

Anyway.  I drink my coffee black, which means all I get is coffee – no cream, no sugar – when I taste coffee, the coffee is all I taste.

What I tasted in this coffee was a faint hint of fruit (alas, my palate is not refined enough to pick out blueberries or cherries, but there was a definite. . . ripeness there.)


This was a good cup of coffee, though the roast seemed a little. . . dark.  It didn’t taste burnt (think Starbucks) or bitter, by any means.  It simply tasted like it would benefit from a little something to smooth the edges. . . maybe a splash of cream.

Yup, that did the trick.  Now it was perfect.

PhotobucketThe verdict?

The coffee is good – very good.  It’s interesting and robust.  It’s even better if you put cream in your coffee – then the flavor just sings.  (I also made iced coffee, and even in January, it was fantastic!)  And there are several varieties from which to choose. 

At $16  for a 12-ounce package, though, it’s not your everyday coffee.  At least it’s not mine.  But we habitually pay around that much for our better weekend coffees, and this definitely falls into that category.

In addition, Marley Coffee is organically and ethically grown, is Fair Trade certified, and helps support agricultural families.  This is truly a company with a vision – and I do love a company that can produce a quality product and, of its own free will, give something back.



1. Bee - February 1, 2011

Interesting parallel Universe-thing going on. I was drinking MY coffee…with cream…reading about YOUR coffee…with cream. LOL Nice review.

But, I want to know WHO is the “idiot” in this quote: “He knows the UPS guy is afraid of him, and it amuses him, I think. Idiot.” Is it The Big Lug, or the UPS guy? Bwahahhahahhahahahahaaa!

The IDIOT is the one who slobbers on the window. And jumps on my boots that are in the boot tray under the window next to the door, causing the laces to fall out of them and into the salty, melty snow in the boot tray and get all nasty and wet. The idiot.

2. Bee - February 2, 2011

Your responses are so cute, Toylady. 🙂

Um, thanks? 😉

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