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Breakfast of Champions February 2, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in Cooking, Cuisine at Home.
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Breakfast – the most important meal of the day.
PhotobucketAnd what, I ask you, makes a better, more hearty breakfast on a cold, snowy morning than oatmeal?

By the way, do you know that you can cook oatmeal in your rice cooker?  Yup – just dump in the oats, water and a pinch of salt, turn it on, and walk away.  What could be easier?

This particular morning it was cold.  COLD.  And, since it was Sunday, Peeps and I had taken the dog on an extra-long, extra-frosty walk.  And we’d recently gotten the current Cuisine at Home magazine, and a thought occurred.


What if, instead of making the chicken-apple sausage in the magazine, we used existing breakfast sausage?  And what if, instead of making patties to cook the eggs on, we made rings to cook the eggs in?

Little sausage donuts, if you will.  🙂

If I made the rings big enough to hold an egg, why, then I could, well, cook an egg in them!


Oh, this was going to be so good!  I shaped my sausage rings, and I cooked them in the big frying pan until the bottoms got good and brown, then I flipped them over.

And once they were turned, and re-assembled, where necessary, we cracked an egg into each hole. Then I just stuck the lid on the pan, shut the flame off, and let everything cook.


And there was one more “what if” – and this was the one that made Peeps raise an eyebrow.  He was decidedly leery of the my substituting oatmeal for. . . toast in the original recipe.

Think about it – you’ve got your oatmeal, you’ve got your sausage, you’ve got your egg, and they’re all in one convenient bowl.  All you’ve got to do is stir it together, and you’ve got just about everything that makes a winter breakfast well, almost worth trudging through the snow for an hour.



1. kayatthekeyboard - February 3, 2011

OK, that’s pretty dang cool. Am going to try sausage rings this weekend. And I never thought of oatmeal in the rice cooker; I think that approaches brilliance. Will it work with steel-cut oats? Bought my first ones t’other day, to see what all the shouting’s about.

Kay, absolutely the rice cooker works for steel-cut oats! (And you’re going to LOVE them!) Just, um, don’t do too much at once, because it does make a gosh-awful mess. Not that I’d, um, know from first-hand experience or anything. Um, yeah.

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