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Git ‘Er Done February 9, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

Over the past few months, we’ve been looking for ways cut costs.  You know, just like everyone else has.  We’ve already got a programmable thermostat, and we’re cooking a couple of meatless meals now and then, as well as making better use of our leftovers.

To be honest, I haven’t seen a lot of ways we could painlessly cut back much more, which left things that would mean a sacrifice of some sort.  So we pretty much came to the conclusion that our next step would be to lose cable.  Or at least severely cut back.  Sure, we’d miss some of our favorite shows, like Dexter and Leverage.  But the series are released all at once on DVD, and I’m sure they’re available somewhere, either to borrow at the library or to rent somewhere.  Probably.

And let’s be honest – the cable bill has gotten just ridiculous!  Something’s got to go, and it’s either cable or internet.  And we’re not giving up the internet, and that’s that.

Meanwhile, our local radio stations have been saturated with advertising for Time Warner Cable – they’ve been offering a “triple play” special – cable, phone and internet for one low price.  Um, that would be about $10 more a month than I’m currently paying for just cable.  In fact, it’s also only slightly more than I’m paying for phone-and-internet, too.  Basically, I can get phone, cable, and internet for about $75 dollars a month LESS than what I’d been paying.

So I called them.  And we scheduled the installation.

And do you know what “installation” involves?  Well, first, it seems that it involves the phone company shutting off the internet the night before.


Then it means a guy wandering around the house, um, installing things.  Not just a guy – a STRANGER.

How do we feel about strangers in our house?

Well, Peeps and I are pretty much okay with it, but the dog?  We’re not so sure.

Better safe than sorry, though.  So we dug out the puppy’s muzzle and assured the guy that, no, he’s not mean, but he IS a big baby, and he can be careless with his teeth.


And eventually, he did stop barking and trying to scrape the muzzle off his face and charge the cable guy.  (It helped that he likes dogs and wasn’t actually afraid of Mr. Slobbery.)  And so we swapped the muzzle for simply the head collar – which makes it much easier to control him and looks a little less like Hannibal Lecter.  Though he still was not happy if I happened to be between the cable guy and him.

And he refused to go for walk with Peeps – he had to be home to PROTECT me from the FIERCE STRANGER!


At one point, when the cable guy went to the basement to do, well basement cable things, I guess, the cat came SCREAMING up into the living room.

Then she saw the dog and went SCREAMING back to the basement.  Then she saw the guy and came SCREAMING back into the living room, when she disappeared.

I thought she ran upstairs, but, let’s face it.  It’s a small house, and with two of the three bedroom doors kept closed, the places up there that she can hide are limited.  Um, that would be the bathroom (not there) and the master bedroom – and we even checked under the dressers, and I’m pretty sure she hasn’t been able to fit under there in a good 6 or 8 years.


Well, she’ll turn up when she gets hungry, I guess.

Really hungry, I mean.

Meanwhile, the cable guy got everything installed, and we have TV, phone AND internet.  And the dog had the opportunity to sniff him in great detail – including his breath.

(I think he was checking for peanut butter breath – he does that to me, too, when I come home.  Kind of makes me want to eat a mess of garlic for lunch.)

By the way, did I mention that the cable guy’s name was Larry?  I’m pretty sure, though that he’s not THAT Larry the Cable Guy.



1. Cristina - February 9, 2011

It’s funny that we’re both going through the same cost cutting process at the same time, but we both went different ways. We were getting annoyed at paying $79 for the TV portion of our AT&T Uverse package, so we downgraded to the basic package, but even that was still $44. The next step was to get an old school antenna, and that works beautifully. We’ll cancel TV completely and use the antenna with Tivo and Netflix to supplement here and there.

How great for you! I tried a small antenna a while back (because really, all I wanted was the local stuff anyway), and it just DID NOT WORK. I actually tried two or three, and they sat in my closet for years! We’ve got a special promotional package, so we can re-evaluate once that period is up. And WE WILL. Oh yes. 🙂

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