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Tacos, yet again February 18, 2011

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So, last month my wife sent me this link.  The recipe looks really good, and I told her so.  But I also told her that six hours of cooking time is a major undertaking for tacos.  Not to mention trying to find brisket for a decent price at this time of year.  And she told me that she had thought of using the recipe as an inspiration.  We had a couple pound of smoked brisket in the freezer that were just getting older.  Couldn’t we do something like the recipe with it?  After I closed my mouth, I said of course we can.
The first step was to assemble everything. I diced a couple small onions and a couple cloves of garlic. The onions went into the Dutch oven with a little vegetable oil and some diced peppers we keep in the freezer. Toys got a good deal on some poblanos and jalapenos a while back at the public market. She just diced them all together and put them into a container in the freezer, where they await their fate.
Cook the vegetation until it’s soft, say five minutes. Add the minced garlic and cook for another thirty seconds or so.
Next comes a small can of tomato paste. That goes in with the vegetables and cook, stirring often, until the color of the paste deepens, about five minutes.
We happened to have part of a quart of beef broth in the fridge from another project. Since it was a robust batch of stock, I added some water to it to bring it to just under a quart. That went into the Dutch oven. Make sure to scrape the bottom of the pan to get at any fond that should have developed.
Finally, add the meat. We had two pounds of smoked brisket that I diced small. Stir and bring the whole thing to a boil, then reduce the heat to a simmer and cover. The meat is already cooked, so it won’t take hours. But at least an hour will bring the meat to perfect tenderness, and it can stand up to another hour of simmering time if need be.
Serve on tortillas with your favorite taco condiments. We served these to Surly Boy and The Girl last week and had no complaints at all.
But the best part came later. Over the weekend, we took the leftover meat mixture and added it to some homemade re-fried beans and rice and cheddar cheese and made burritos for the freezer. We sampled, of course. I can see that as soon as the weather clears up, I’m going to have to go look for brisket to smoke.



1. judy - February 18, 2011

My that looks wonderful. Could almost taste that taco. 🙂

Peeps - February 18, 2011

They were mighty good. We used cabbage instead of lettuce for more crunch.

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