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Monday Musings: 02.21.2011 Edition February 21, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

PhotobucketWe placed an order with Pet Edge, and it showed up this week – one of the things we ordered was a thermal cat mat for the kitty – it’s supposed to have some kind of reflective core that keeps her warm – and we all know how kitties like warm, cozy spots.  She seems to like it in her kitty bed, so as long as she’s happy, we’re happy.


We had a bunch of cornbread leftover, and, while it was very tasty, there are only two of us to eat it.  When it started to get too stale to really enjoy it, I wrapped it up and froze it, with the vague idea of doing some sort of breakfast strata or something with it.

I finally got sick of shoving it aside in the morning while looking for strawberries or peaches for my smoothies, so we slapped together this breakfast pudding.

PhotobucketThe texture was definitely more “pudding” than “strata.”  All in all it was pretty darned good – half a loaf of stale, frozen cornbread, along with some milk, eggs, ham and cheese.  As soon as we come up with an official “recipe” I’ll be happy to share it.



We de-seeded the pomegranates from last weekend, but we still haven’t come up with much to do with the fruit besides just . . . eating it.  Sure, I can throw it in smoothies, and I definitely will, but, while I don’t mind swallowing the occasional seed, I really don’t need quite that much, um, fiber in my diet all at once.

Again, any thoughts?



We made pan of lasagna this weekend – and  the first thing we ran out of was sauce.

We had plenty of filling, and plenty of fresh (and defrosted fresh) pasta – so we rolled up a few manicotti – guess what we’re having for dinner later this week?

Then we ran out of pasta, so I the rest of the filling just got frozen in blobs – that works nicely for my pizza.


We enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather last week – the foot and a half of snow, in the space of about 3 days, became a sheet of ice, then it was gone.

And when the temperatures reach the forties (or even fifties), we all know what that means to the crocuses (crocii?) – the green sprouts can’t wait to show their, well, sproutiness.


And who knew?  Even the garlic that we planted last fall got in on the game!  That, my friends, is a garlic sprout.  Before you know it, we’re going to be harvesting garlic scapes!  Okay, about 4 months from now, but still.Photobucket


I’m still working on my 101 Things – and with regard to #55, the word for this week is. . . Captious. Oh, ouch.  There’s an adjective that I didn’t even know I knew – having an inclination to find fault, especially of a trivial nature.   Yeah, I’ve seen that before.



Are we ready for an installment of  Shopping With Peeps?

We found this “Mac & Chreese” – not cheese – “Chreese.”  Rhymes with “trees” – because it’s environmentally friendly?

It’s dairy free, gluten free, soy free, lactose free, cholesterol free, flavor free.

Um, can I get a “yum”?

No, I didn’t think so.



There’s a pottery shop on the other side of town, near my office.

Unfortunately, I can’t really afford to go in there very often – everything is hand-crafted and, well, really expensive.

Fortunately, this shop has a sale once a year – their annual February Seconds Sale – and this is a big deal!  I was able to pick up some plates, bowls, and a gorgeous serving bowl – all handmade, and all one-of-a-kind.

I am so going back before the end of the month!



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  Can you believe we’re in the last week of February already?  March is on its way, and before we know it, it’s going to be spring!   Yes, I know, I’m such an an optimist. . . but still.  Spring will come – it always does.

Monday – We’ve still got a package of boneless short ribs in the freezer, and since I’m home Monday, I’m going to try Cook’s Illustrated‘s  Short Ribs with Guinness and Prunes Dried Plums.  I love the ways prunes add such a rich flavor in savory dishes like this.  And since there’s bound to be plenty of sauce, we’ll soak that up with mashed potatoes, and we’ll have something from the freezer for a vegetable – probably the rest of a bag of frozen peas.

Tuesday –  We roasted a chicken last week (and it was good!), and we’ve got half (or more) of it left – time to find something to do with “leftover cooked chicken.”  We have a chicken hash that’s great – it’s cooked chicken, mashed potatoes and some seasoning. . . it’ll be fantastic with a couple of poached eggs.

Wednesday – Since Wednesday is swim class this week, it’s soup night – but this week, we’ll be enjoying a lentil stew – we enjoyed this very much, and, especially with brown basmati rice, it’s so healthy.

Thursday – The week is starting to wind down – this is the day we love an easy dinner.  And, while our original plan was to reheat lasagna, we’ve decided to do manicotti, along with a tossed salad.

Friday – Yay for pizza night!  I’ve got the dog’s Kong toy in the freezer (half kibble, half oatmeal-peanut butter mixed, and frozen to slow him down a bit) – while he’s enjoying that, we’ll enjoy homemade pizza, Peeps’s with plenty of cheese and pepperoni, and mine with ricotta, herbs, and a moderate amount of mozzarella.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. sjbraun - February 21, 2011

Hey – I’ve been thinking about you a lot this week and praying for you to find some peace (even if you’re not the praying type, I figure a few “drive by prayers” can’t hurt :). Love, as usual, the pet news. Your crocus blooms – ahhh, I am so ready for spring. I wish mine would poke up their heads, although since I hear sleet outside at the moment, that’s probably not wise. Have a good week!

Thanks, Susan. I appreciate the any kind thoughts and prayers you care to send! 🙂 And yeah, about the crocus – they’re buried under a few inches of snow already! Fortunately, we haven’t had sleet (yet) this time, but I’m sure it’s on its way. . .

2. Pary Moppins - February 22, 2011

I’m sorry, but are you sure you’re not deep in your heart a Texan? Cornbread pudding?… Tacos?… Ribs?… Hmmm… Maybe you’re a Texan in a displaced Mid-westerner’s body.

Oh, thanks, now I’ve got that song stuck in my head. . . 😀

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