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We’re glad you’re here. . . February 22, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in Cooking, Food, random stuff, Rochester.

Several years ago, when I moved to the Rochester area, I was introduced to the “local news” idea – Rochester has its own networks, including a local cable network.

Hey, where I came from, our network TV feeds were out of Syracuse – a good two hours away!  The idea of all the stations – the big three, plus PBS, Fox AND a separate “cable news” network all being less than 15 minutes away – just wow!


As we’ve found since then, though, a 24-hour news cycle does have its drawbacks, mainly filling those twenty-four hours.  Sure, we’ve got “weather on the 9’s” – the weather forecast every ten minutes is, I guess, a good thing.  You know, in case you forget that it’s February, and Oh Hey, it’s Going To Snow This Week!

We’ve also got the “Getaway Guy,” “Travel with Val,” “Healthy Living,” and “Pet Pointers.”

And we’ve got “Cooking At Home.”


Cooking At Home is, well, I have mixed feelings about that news segment.

I mean, there’s this kind of, well, he’s kind of an effeminate-sounding and -looking guy who says “hi, I’m glad you’re here” in his kind of squeaky, not-quite-changed-yet voice, with his kind of dorky soul patch, and I’m just going to leave it at that.  You can certainly check him out if you’d like.

And Peeps and I had a lot of fun, for a lot of years, kind of poking fun at Chef Dan Eaton who’s Glad We’re Here.

PhotobucketAnd a funny thing happened.

Some of his “Cooking at Home” recipes sounded kind of good.

And we tried a couple, and they actually were pretty good.

And then when I took The Boy to  The Place, I stayed in a hotel on the way back, and the next morning, there was Dan Eaton on Albany’s version of R-News. . . A-News?

And I started doing my homework – I looked into Chef Dan Eaton’s background – he’s actually not a chef to be sneezed at.  He’s cooked at several local high-end restaurants, including one of our favorite places.


So yeah, the guy’s in a band, but really, should we hold that against him?

And so when we happened across a copy of a recipe for Dijon Chicken that Dan had done several years ago on RNews, well, we finally decided to give it a try.

Or at least a version of it, anyway – he evidently used boneless, skinless chicken breasts, and we had some thigh to use.


Eh, so we cooked the chicken a little longer – not a problem.  Gives it a chance to brown better, you know?

Ultimately, we were very happy with the combination of well-browned chicken, onions, sour cream and Dijon mustard.

We did a bit of tweeking, and I’ve included that in our printable version of the recipe – the original doesn’t seem to be available online anymore.


And the moral of the story seems to be this:  Just because someone seems to be . . . different, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have something to offer.  Because honestly, this simple chicken dish is quite possibly one of the best weeknight dinners we’ve had in a long time.

And the dude’s in a band, too.  AND he lives right here in Rochester.


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