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Monday Musings: 02.28.2011 Edition February 28, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.

It’s been a fairly quiet week around here – a little snow, a little thawing, and, well, some more snow.

One of our local butcher shops was offering a special deal on baby back ribs – a 10 pound box of “portions” for $15 – now, as I recall, baby backs are generally sold by the rack, and they usually go for $5-6 a pound.  I’m not sure how these 3-rib portions will cook up, but I’ll bet they’ll be worth the $1.49 a pound we paid.

And they’re Jarly-approved, besides!



My knitting is coming along nicely.

I’ve (mostly) completed my first project – a (get this) knitting bag!  I think I still want to line it, to keep the knitting needles from poking through the stitches, but, all in all, I’m quite happy with how it turned out.


And so now, I’m working on a sock tutorial.  I actually have a couple of “beginner” sock patterns I want to finish before I try to move on to “real” socks – you know, the fancy ones with wool yarn and pretty ribbing.  First steps first, though – I’ve got to learn how to “turn the heel.”  Then I’ll be ready to try something a little fancy.

Crazy, huh?


PhotobucketDoes anyone else ever “treat” your kitties when you open a can of tuna?  I’ve always drained cans of tuna into the cat’s dish – it’s not like we were doing anything with it anyway, you know?  It would otherwise just get poured down the drain. Every cat I’ve ever had has appreciated it, too.

And when we opened a package of crab meat this weekend, we found that kitties like crab juice just as much as they like tuna juice.



I’m still working on my 101 Things – and with regard to #55, the word for this week is Divagate. Oh, this is a good one.  It’s from the Latin divagatus, (to wander off) and basically means to wander or digress.  Not that anyone we know would ever do that!  Hey, was that a butterfly. . . ?



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  Already, it’s the last of February – which means March starts this week, and spring is on the way.  Not that you’d notice, based on the “snow event” we enjoyed Friday. . .

Monday –  We so enjoyed the fish-and-lima-bean-thing we did a couple of weeks ago, and we still have half the limas, so we’re going to go with an encore – tilapia, lima beans, and white rice.  Tastes much better than it sounds!

Tuesday – We’ve got a stray loaf of homemade Italian bread in the freezer, along with some of Peeps’s homemade breakfast sausage.  You know what that means?  Breakfast for dinner, specifically French toast.  I did put my foot down, though, and insist that we’d have to have fruit with it – I’ll probably have a dish of pineapple with pomegranate seeds, and Peeps is going to have some orange slices.  And he’ll like it, too!

Wednesday – We don’t have swim class this week, but we do still like our soup.  I did pick up some asparagus at the market Saturday (yes, I know, it’s neither seasonal nor local, but . . . it was cheap, and there is a dearth of fresh vegetables at this time of the year).  We’re going to try an asparagus soup with a little crab meat in it – this should be interesting.

Thursday – We never did braise the short ribs when we planned to last week (they were still frozen, and I just. . . didn’t. . . feel like it!), so now they’re done and we’ll enjoy them this week with plenty of mashed potatoes and, of course, the carrots that were braised with the meat.

Friday – And it’s pizza night!  I wonder, if we have any leftover breakfast sausage, how that would be on pizza? Interesting. . .

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. Lori - February 28, 2011

I use to give our visiting cat tuna juice too. For sure they appreciate it.

Lima beans and fish eh? I am curious.

You got a great deal on the ribs, wow.

We’re trying very hard to bribe the kitty into liking us again. 😀 She’s having a little trouble getting over the dog.

And yeah, we were pretty pleased about the ribs, too.

2. Pary Moppins - February 28, 2011

Divagate…I thought that was an operatic scandal…or one involving Whitney Houston…

That might have been definition #2. 😉

3. judy - February 28, 2011

Nice read this morning. My kitties love the tuna can water too! Jarly looking good. Have a great week.

It’s only fair, after all – Kitty gets the tuna juice whenever it’s available, and The Jar gets yogurt juice every morning. That boy does love the whey from the top of the carton of yogurt! 😆

4. Karen - February 28, 2011

I know you won’t believe this but my cats will eat nothing but cat food. I’ve offered them crab, tuna, shrimp, ham, green beans and salmon, just to name a few. I put tuna juice on their food one time and they went on strike. One cat could live for a month without food, the other probably wouldn’t last a day!

Regarding the limas: One way I cook them is I saute onions, garlic, tasso, and red bell pepper in bacon grease (it’s the south). Then I add the lima’s, chicken stock, some honey baked ham and diced shrimp and let it all smother down. I add more chicken stock as necessary – you want it similar to red beans (creamy but not soupy). I use Tonys to taste instead of salt and pepper.

It’s actually a meal unto itself and there’s never any left over. You could even serve it over rice.

I believe you about the cats – I used to have one that hated chicken. All poultry, actually. He was weird. 😕

And the limas – you had me at bacon grease! I have just about enough limas left for one more meal. . .

5. sjbraun - February 28, 2011

Ha – I was going to make a comment like Pary Moppins, but he (she?) beat me to it 🙂 Very interesting about the tuna juice for kitty! I love limas as well; that tilapia/lima combo sounds like something straight from our house. Homegrown limas = even better!
Your knitting looks so good! I think lining is a good idea – will that be tricky to make, though?
How is your dog doing? Well, I hope.

The fish with the limas was really good – we were thinking of trying it with chicken, as well. At least until Karen came along with her FANTASTIC-sounding suggestion. 😉

I don’t think the lining will be too tricky – the panels on the bag are simply rectangles – as long as the lining is the same size, I should be able to put it together, finish the top edges, and probably hand-sew it to the bag (unless I get REALLY lazy and decide that a machine-sewn seam won’t show TOO much).

Puppy’s doing just fine – a little bored, I think. We’ve had to curtail his walks a bit – the ice is rough, even for him! Come on, spring! 😉

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