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The easiest roast ever March 18, 2011

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Now that Winter is starting to wind down, we’re going to be less likely to plan on meals that have the oven on for a good portion of the day.
Last year, about this time of year, my wife found a recipe for slow roasted pork shoulder with carrots, onions and garlic. It was so good. we vowed to make it again. Soon. Well, we finally remembered it a couple weeks ago.
You can find the recipe here, so I’m not going to bother giving you complete play by play.
Not that there would be much play by play. You pretty much leave it in the oven for five or six hours. Being driven insane by the smell of roasting pork most of that time.
The cool thing about this dish is that you don’t slice the finished product. When the pork is completely tender, you use tongs and break it up into fist size chunks and pop it all back into the oven again.
The now exposed inner part of the meat gets slightly browned, and you end up with lots of crisp, crusty exterior per person and wonderful moist meat.
The only things that we did differently than the recipe calls for is to use rosemary salt instead of plain salt. It added more flavor without any work and it didn’t effect the final dish at all. Oh, and we upped the cooking time. The shoulder that Toys got was a bit larger than the recipe called for. Which is good.
Did I mention that you have leftovers? Really good leftovers? That you can do all kinds of things with? Like soup?
Winter is not completely gone yet. You can stand to have your oven running for most of one day. It’s still pretty cool out. And you’ll have a fabulous meal. Really. Why would I lie?

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