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Not So Sneaky Vegetables April 12, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in Cooking, random stuff, Sides.


I like most vegetables – I can’t really think of one that I won’t eat.  Maybe turnips, but I suspect that’s more because I have no idea how to cook them.

It’s not you, turnip, it’s me.

But seriously, I do like most veggies, and, fortunately, as a kid, the Boy needed very little prompting to eat his vegetables.

(Have you heard of these people who actually hide their vegetables?  Hoping no one will realize that, hey, there’s SQUASH in the  cheesemac!  I don’t know what planet these poor kids are from, but if they can’t tell the difference between butternut squash and Velveeta, well. . . they’ve got bigger problems than a vitamin deficiency, let me tell you!)


Unfortunately, it seems that we’ve gotten into a bit of a rut on the vegetable front.

We have salad fairly often, which is good – especially with homemade dressing.

Then there are the old defaults – steamed broccoli or green beans, roasted or mashed squash, or sauteed greens.  All good, sure, but slightly . . . boring.

Of course, for a change of pace, I do like to try to incorporate vegetables into soups and stews as much as I can, but again. . . yawn.


And so, the other night, one of the two nice days we’ve had so far this spring, when we pulled some Korean beef out of the freezer to grill, I thought maybe I’d do something a little different with a pound or so of green beans that I’d gotten at the market.

I of course trimmed then – cut the ends off and snapped them into 2-inch pieces, and washed them.

Meanwhile, to complement the sweet smokiness of the beef, I combined a teaspoon each of sesame oil and grated ginger with a (heaping) tablespoon of sriracha – you can use rooster sauce if your husband doesn’t make it himself, of course!


Heat a couple of teaspoons of canola oil in a large (10-inch at least) skillet, then add the beans, a pinch of salt, and bit of black pepper, and cook, stirring occasionally, until the beans are spotty brown (yes, that’s a thing – they’ve  got brown spots on them) – about 5 minutes or so.



At that point, the point at which the beans are spotty, just dump a quarter cup of water in the pan and slap a lid on it.

Let the beans cook over medium heat for just a couple of minutes – until they’re bright green and tender-crisp.  You know – tender enough to eat, but not mushy.  You know, tender-crisp.

Then increase the heat and cook another minute or so, until the water evaporates.

Then, remember the ginger and stuff?


Yeah, we just stir that in and cook, continuing to cook until the beans are sufficiently browned and done – maybe another couple of minutes.

And, if you’re feeling especially fancy (and if you remember), you can sprinkle some sesame seeds over top when you serve.

Now these beans?  No need to hide them – they’re delicious!



1. wickett - April 12, 2011

ummmmm….I love me some turnips 🙂

–you can peel them, boil them & mash them with potatoes (half potatoes & half turnips), but I like them alone with just butter 🙂

Huh. I’ve only had them once, and I tried them on their own. They just tasted so STRONG, you know? Maybe they were old, or too big or over- or under-cooked – I just had no idea. 😕

2. anne - April 12, 2011

Hmmm, I have some green beans in the fridge. But I don’t have any sriracha or rooster sauce. Nor do I know what those are. We have all manner of other blister-inducing products (DH eats habaneros raw and diced.He’ll eat most anything hot.) I do have some Thai chili paste, would that work? I have all of the rest of the stuff, and that sounds like something we would enjoy.

I’m sure Thai chili paste would work – whenever I have a recipe that uses that, I use sriracha, so I’m going to go out on a limb and guess it should work just fine the other way. 😀

3. Bee - April 16, 2011

I’d send you a link to a smashing turnip soup I make (and great reviews at food.com) but I think the recipe will end up like my Parsnip Pie recipe I shared…unmade for lack of time. LOL

Fear not, Bee – the parsnip pie will get made. Some how, some way, I’ll find time. 😕

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