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Barbecue shrimp April 15, 2011

Posted by Peeps in Cook's Country, Cooking, Eating Down the Fridge, Food, Home, random stuff.

Have you ever been to New Orleans?  If so, have you ever had the fabulous local dish incorrectly called barbecue shrimp?  It’s never actually barbecued, it’s not even grilled.  But it can be mighty good.

A couple years ago, we found a recipe for it in Cook’s Country magazine.  We tried it, and loved it.  Sadly, it’s been almost two years since we’ve had it.  But we thought last month that it would be the perfect thing to celebrate Mardi Gras with, so we dug out the recipe and went for it.

First off, let me mention that you can find the recipe here. It saves me some typing this way. Unfortunately, you’ll have to sign up for a free trial subscription to be able to see the recipe. But I’d do it anyway. You’ll be glad you did.
Okay, beer is an important part of this dish. And it just so happened that we had a bottle of New Orleans beer down in the basement.
After getting together and ready to go, it’s not very difficult at all. The shrimp get very briefly cooked in a large skillet. Very briefly. Like for one minute. Remove the shrimp to a plate and start building your sauce.
You build a seasoned roux with flour, butter, tomato paste, garlic, thyme, rosemary and oregano. This cooks for less than a minute, until the garlic is fragrant.
The liquids go in next. Clam juice, beer, Worcestershire sauce. Cook for about two more minutes.
Now the shrimp go back in. Along with any juices that may have accumulated.
Cover and lower the heat and cook until the shrimp are done. Maybe another two minutes. Please try not to overcook the shrimp.
We served this with fries and some frozen vegetables that were taking up space in the freezer. And French bread, for mopping up the wonderful sauce.
Just as a side note, when we made this, we used half the shrimp called for. While I could easily eat a pound of shrimp, my wife does let me make a pig of myself. But we definitely did not cut the sauce down. Make sure to have plenty of bread on hand for this meal.


1. Mazco - April 15, 2011

While you showed the bottle of beer that you used, you forgot to mention the bottle of Dixie Blackened VooDoo that you had for dessert.

Peeps - April 15, 2011

Sadly, no Dixie of any color was consumed at this meal. Next time, though.

2. judy - April 15, 2011

This sounds delicious! I love the shrimp all ways, any ways. Nice job.

Peeps - April 15, 2011

It’s very good. And so easy that I’m tempted to start keeping bottled clam juice on hand, just in case.

3. Karen - April 18, 2011

Looks good.

I was raised on the river right outside of New Orleans. First bbq shrimp I ever had was from Pascal Manales. Yum. A few years ago we went to NO just for the day and went to Mr. B’s Bistro. Husband had the bbq shrimp. It was delicious and they serve it with hunks of french bread for sopping up the juice. Here’s a link to their recipe http://www.mrbsbistro.com/recipes_shrimp.php

I actually make this version of it a couple of times a year. I think I need some now.

Peeps - April 19, 2011

I’ve never gotten to eat at Mr. B’s, even thought I’ve passed by the place dozens of times. I’ve heard they have the best barbecued shrimp in the Quarter, but this recipe is mighty tasty. And thanks for the recipe!

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