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Happy Peeps day! April 22, 2011

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Okay, so a nickname I got years back stuck.  Some online friends were talking about blowing up marshmallow Peeps in the microwave, and I’d never heard of this.  That’s when they decided to start calling me Peeps.

As nicknames go, it’s not so bad.  Particularly since I am far from an awesome typist.  Typing Peeps is really simple, even only using two fingers.

And once again, Easter in almost upon us.  Peeps day.  And apparently, there are several places around our country that people with far too much time on their hands enter contests that require building scenes from movies or the news using Peeps.

I usually get an email or two.  Maybe a phone call.  But I always end up checking out all the entries that people tell me about.  Apparently, the big ones are in Washington and Chicago.

Take a look and let me know which of this years is your favorite.  Happy Easter, folks.


1. Barb Cooper - April 22, 2011

I LOVE these. I love Peeps, too, in theory. I don’t think they’re all that tastym exactly, but I do love the shapes and colors. They remind me of those Miyazaki Totoros.

You know, as a nickname, it’s a really good one.

Peeps - April 24, 2011

The nickname works for me. It’s actually been very amusing over the years. But I will never eat one of those things. They’re just vile.

2. Barb Cooper - April 22, 2011

That was supposed to be tasty COMMA. Dang “m” is right next to the comma key. Grumble, grumble about the ineptitude of my pre-coffee fingers…

Peeps - April 24, 2011

I have days like that all too often.

3. judy - April 22, 2011

FUN STUFF! Thanks Peeps.

Peeps - April 24, 2011

Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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