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Monday Musings: 04.25.2011 April 25, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff, Shopping With Peeps.


Check this out.

Does anyone know anything about  Halloween Easter Christmas cacti?

I pulled mine out of the window to water it the other day, and I saw that there are still a couple of blossoms hanging on – that would mean that this plant has been blooming continuously for over 6 months.  What the heck?



This was a market week for me – and boy will I be glad to see some nicer weather for these little jaunts!  Besides the fact that it’s not much fun to trek through the market in the wind and rain, I’m sure looking forward to some fresh, local produce.  Not that I have anything against sweet potatoes, mind you – but some asparagus will sure be nice!


What is they say about anything worth doing?


Oh, yes, it’s worth overdoing.  What with the Boy home again, and late night snacks (him) and quick lunches because there aren’t any leftovers actually left over (me) we’ve going through a lot more burritos than  we used to lately.  So I decided to start with 2 pounds of pinto beans this time.  An overnight soak, 2 minutes under pressure, a quart of smoked turkey in BBQ sauce, and a pound of cheese, and we’ve got 16 burritos back in the freezer.  That ought to last a while.  I hope.



How about a quick episode of Shopping With Peeps!

We’ve been intrigued by the “Large Pot Pie Squares” in the noodle aisle for a while now.  I mean, those squares, “large” or not, seem awfully small for a pot PIE, don’t they?



I also noticed the Prince of Wales tea – and it made me think of the upcoming Royal Wedding.  I wonder how many people will be sipping Prince of Wales tea while watching the Prince of Wales wed?  Hmmmm. . .



I’m still working on my 101 Things – and with regard to #55, the word for this week is. . .K.  Kakistocracy.  Oh, dear, another government word.  You  can pretty much paste any prefix in front of the suffix “-cracy,” and chances are, it’s a legitimate word.  This one comes from the Greek “kakos,” meaning bad.  The word would mean, then, government by badly qualified people.  Um, yeah.  Moving right along now. . .



One of the consequences of so many trips to the public market is an awful lot of vegetable scraps.  Now I usually use them in chicken stock – and that is definitely a good thing.  But we’re pretty, um, stocked up on chicken stock for the time being, so I decided to try my hand at some vegetable stock – for those times we may not want to introduce such a strong poultry flavor (and yes, my chicken stock really is THAT chicken-y!)  I hope it’s as good as it look – I’ve got a dozen pints of the stuff!



Almost the end of April – and we’re just rejoicing that there’s no snow in the forecast!  It has been a long winter, hasn’t it?

However, we’re not here to complain about the weather (and an ENTIRE WEEK of rain!); it’s time for the weekly menu plan.

Monday – Peeps is certain he can run between any potential raindrops, so we’ll grill some pork chops.  We have missed grilled pork chops!  I also got some collard greens at the market, which will go nicely with the chops, and we’ll decide on some kind of starch – potatoes or rice, most likely.

Tuesday – I picked up chicken this week, and before I skinned it all, I saved out enough for dinner – I’ve got this spiced chicken breast that is very good, done with boneless, skin-on breasts, quickly seared then oven-roasted.  Add some sweet potatoes and a nice tossed salad, and everyone should be happy.

Wednesday – No swim class this week, but we’re still going to observe soup night – sort of.  I’ll put together some lentils and rice before I leave for work, and Peeps will bake some fresh bread after he gets home – it’ll be warm and simple.  Maybe I’ll make salad again.

Thursday – I’ve got leeks in the fridge that need to get used – we do love our leeks around here!  About the only thing better than leeks is bacon and leeks – or maybe bacon and leek risotto – and with a poached egg on top, let’s just say we’ve got high hopes for this one!

Friday – Friday is, as always, pizza night.  I’m hoping to hold back some of the bacon and sauteed leeks from Thursday’s risotto – that should make for an interesting  pizza topping, don’t you think?

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. Bee - April 25, 2011

Hi Toy Lady: I’m an expert on “Holiday” cactus and have four of them that are exactly 40 years old, each! But first: CONGRATULATIONS on being a GREAT Plant Mommy!!! Schlumbergera, as the genus is known, will have a heavy 1st bloom and when exceedingly well-cared for, a smattering of blooms all the way until Summer. Then, the bloom hormone is shut off. They are known as “Short Day” plants, meaning that they must have long night and short days to trigger the bloom hormone; the cloudier and cooler it’s been, the more they are apt to rebloom. Also, they love cool temperatures, so if you keep your home on the cool side, they’ll reward you with more blossoms. I currently have a gold flower and peach flower plant with 10+ blooms, but always on the side of the plant facing the window. During it’s heavy bloom cycle, the buds are 360 degrees around the plant. So, pat yourself on the back that you have an exceedingly healthy plant because of the care you’re providing it! 🙂

Bee, I’m not sure congratulations are in order – mostly, I just leave the thing in the window and forget to water it. 😳 We have definitely had a cool, cloudy spring, that’s for sure, though – thanks so much for that tidbit!

Question for you – if I stuck a peach-blossoming cactus in the same pot, would the two plants retain their own colors, or would the one revert to pink, the way peonies seem to? ❓

Bee - April 25, 2011

Nope. If you added a peach-blooming cutting to a pot that had existing PINK-blooming plants, they’d both retain their own colour. I do this all the time and get a crazy quilt of Christmas Cactus. Each Autumn, when I bring them in from outside, some branches are sure to snap off. I throw them into a jar to root and then pot them up, not finding out what is what until they bloom. It’s rather fun to see what combination the plants have come up with each year. 🙂

Super – thanks so much, Bee! I think the salmon-colored blossoms are so pretty. Good to know that I could stick them in the same pot. 🙂

2. sjbraun - April 25, 2011

You are sorely, yes sorely, tempting me with the pressure cooker talk – how great to cook beans so fast! I hear ya about being anxious for fresh produce. It can’t come too soon!
Happy Royal Wedding Day to you!

I’ll tell you, I’d never really used a pressure cooker until a few years ago when I happened upon this one at Sam’s Club for an excellent price. (I think it was probably a close-out, as that entire division of the company seems to be discontinued now.) I didn’t use it much until the past year or so, but I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t be without it now!

3. Mazco - April 25, 2011

“Kakos” – Greek for “bad.” hey I have a neighbor named Kakos, and he fits the name.

Really? Wow, that’s kind of a lousy name to saddle a person with, isn’t it?

Wow, even worse, I just plugged that word into Google Translate, and it came up as “evil”. 😯 I’d just back away slowly from that guy if I were you. . .

Mazco - April 25, 2011

That’s the house where all the unusual stuff happens. Ask Peeps and see if he remembers some of the things that went on.

Yes, he’s told me about some of it. Just. . . yikes.

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