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Lazy, Hazy, Crazy May 10, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in Home, random stuff.

It’s starting to get busy around here.

The weather’s (finally) warming up – looks like I’m going to get my garden in at long last.

I’ve been lazy.  That, and really, who wants to be out planting spinach in the rain?  Not raining this week, though, is it (much)?

Work is starting to get busy – because of the nature of Mon Capitán‘s practice (and, by extension, my job), from May throughout the summer, and then again at the end of the calendar year, we are often swamped – though the economy being what it currently is, it’s hard to say what effect that’s going to have on things.

Speaking of the economy – remember back a week or so ago when “the debt ceiling” was all over the news?  You remember – how we’ve got to raise it, otherwise the government won’t be able to borrow enough money to keep itself afloat, or some such twisted logic?

Well, while I am all for taking the credit card away from Congress, that issue seems to be having some less than savory ramifications for a couple of our clients – a somewhat hairy financial thing which will, ultimately, make my life a little more complicated for the time being.

As if I needed that!

On the bright side, the Boy started a new, shall we say, interim job this week.  It’s not what he wants to do – he trained to be a welder not a “customer service rep” – but it’s a paycheck, which, after being laid off for 5 months, is not a bad thing.

Then his car broke.  I don’t exactly understand what was wrong with it, but he couldn’t drive the 15 miles each way to work like that indefinitely.

So. . . we took his car to the shop Sunday afternoon, he took my car to work for Monday, and I took Peeps’s car to work.

Peeps has Mondays off.  Thank goodness.

With text messages between the Boy and me, then phone calls between the shop and me, we found the parts and got the car fixed.

Sort of.

The Boy got home, tried the car out (which I picked up for him) (and even gassed up for him), and came back less than thrilled.

I have no idea.

So. . . things are a little crazy around here for the moment.  What can I say?



1. judy - May 10, 2011

My it does sound a tad busy/hectic there people. Hope the car situation is resolved. I sense how ready you are to get your garden in! We are still having high winds. I am just concerned about setting out tomatoes w/o some protection. What to do…… stress……stress. Would be nice if you had a little clearer sense of the job stuff too. yes, yes, very hectic. Take care all the way around ok?

Judy, I’ve got a shelf of sorts under the table on the deck (it’s where we used to stash ashtrays!) – that’s always been a good place to harden off the tomatoes before they go in the ground. And the rest of it – well, most of that will probably go in as seeds (beans, beets) – though I may put in some chard plants instead of starting from seed (which I should have done a month ago).

2. sjbraun - May 11, 2011

I’m so happy with the improving weather as well! I did plant spinach; haven’t seen any emerging yet though … I’m glad your son got a job and hope he’ll like it more than he expects to. Regardless, as you said – it’s a paycheck. I hope your job/the economy both start looking up. The news keeps reporting that things are improving, but then I see the $4.29 gas and the rising grocery prices and I’m not so sure.

It looks like he’s hating the job a LOT, which. . . well, I think maybe that’s good for him.

We do most of our work with local municipalities – unfortunately, they’re feeling the economy as much as actual people, while they don’t have a lot of “cutting back” options. We’re still busy enough – it’s just that some of our financing is getting. . . interesting, that’s all. 😉

3. kayatthekeyboard - May 16, 2011

If he wants to move South….well, we need welders.

That’s what I’ve heard, too, Kay. I’ll let him know.

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