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But Wait! There’s More! May 11, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

This morning, I was reading one of my morning reads – a (mostly) daily column written by a local radio show host.

Now I’ll admit that there are days – a lot of them – that I pretty much just skim Lonsberry’s column – I’m really not all that interested in Mount Morris politics, nor do I care to read about the exploits of Baby Number Eight (whatever).  Then there are the days he gets up on his high horse and goes all Avenging Conservative – yeah, I can do with a little less of that, too.

But now and then – every once in a while – I’ll read something there that just tickles me, like today.

See, back before the ravioli thing, and before we opened our business, Peeps worked Monday through Friday, just like I did.  Which meant, among other things, that he spent a good portion of Sundays watching wrestling.

(Y’all do know he watches wrestling, right?  I mean, he’s mentioned it, hasn’t he?  I’d hate to be blabbing Marital Secrets all over the Internet or anything. . . )

So anyway, Sunday mornings, Peeps would watch the couple (four) hours of wrestling that he’d recorded during the week, and I’d go upstairs an amuse myself, usually by cleaning the bathroom, perhaps a little dusting and vacuuming, or maybe even watching a bonnet movie.

And one week, I turned on the bedroom TV, and there it was.

Ron Popeil was promoting the most wondrous thing – an electric pasta machine!

Remember, this was before The Ravioli Shop – fresh pasta wasn’t easily available back then.

But just imagine it!  It came with a recipe book, and you could make a pound of pasta in mere minutes – effortlessly!  Assorted dies, so I could make all different kinds of pasta – even macaroni!  Perfect every time!  And all for 3 Easy Payments of $33 (or one just-as-easy payment of $99) PLUS free shipping!


If I ordered that very day, I’d get, well, I don’t actually remember quite what I’d get, but I’m pretty sure it was AMAZING!

I just couldn’t pass it by – so I pulled out my bright, shiny Visa Platinum, and I called the (toll-free!) number, where an operator was, indeed, standing by, and I ordered my very own Ronco Pasta Machine (with the one-payment option)!

(And yes, when Peeps came upstairs and saw what I’d done, he rolled his eyes at me.  Much like you’re probably doing right now.)

And I waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.

And then, when I received my credit card statement with the charge (and corresponding phone number)  I called again.

The customer service person was terribly sorry, and she immediately ordered another unit shipped out to me.

For which I waited.  And waited some more.

And then I got my credit card statement again – I’d been charged for a second pasta machine that I had never received.

Okay, now I was starting to get a little . . . concerned.  I’d heard all about those unethical companies that get your credit card number and just charge you for stuff you never receive!  I was having none of that, though – I called them again.

Well, this time, they promised to send Yet Another Amazingly Wonderful pasta machine AND credit my card for the second one.

Okay then.  See that you do.

And finally – finally! – the big huge box with my wondrous pasta maker showed up on my front porch.

And another one the next day.

And a third one the day after that.

How much pasta was I realistically going to make, anyway?

But we got everything straightened out – my card was charged for what it was supposed to be charged and credited for what it was supposed to be credited, and return labels had been sent to me and the two extra pasta makers were returned, and I finally had an afternoon to try it out.

And I did.

And I hated it.

So. . . think I can get $10 for it in a yard sale?

Have you ever bought anything from an infomercial?  Did you love it to pieces, or live to regret it?



1. mazco - May 11, 2011

We fell for the Nu-Wav oven thing. Even used it, twice. Then we sold it to some other unsuspecting idiot.
But one of the funny things about ordering, was the operator asked if I would like a second unit for half-price.
My reply was, “Why?”
She apologized and said that she has to ask that question.
And that made me think… how big does your kitchen have to be in order to house all the stuff: coffee maker, toaster, microwave, blender, food processor, pasta maker, nu wav thingie.
It would be like a warehouse.

Yeah, our overflow all goes in the basement. Periodically, we have to stop and assess whether what’s up here should be down there, or what’s down there should be up here.

2. anne - May 11, 2011

I didn’t personally buy it, but I got it for Christmas. It’s one of those sets of pasta pots that have the holes in the lid, so you never have to hurt yourself draining pasta. No, really, ever since I got it, not once have I poured boiling water on my feet, singed my eyebrows with a steam cloud, or scorched my elbows. Not once.

But the danged things are made from thin aluminum foil, they wobble on the burner when the water starts to simmer, and the fabulous black coating scratched off with the second box of tri-color rotini. I now use the large one for making laundry soap. DH used it for something recent that was apparently a bit caustic, because every particle of the black coating is gone from the water line down.

Perhaps I’ll plant basil in the small one. 🙂

Anne, at first I thought you meant that little plastic doohicky thing where you just dump boiling water in and it makes Perfectly! Cooked! Pasta! Every! Time!

Is that those the pots with the hole-y lids? (I think my mother has one. . . )

anne - May 12, 2011

Yep, half of the lid is holey, and it sorta twists and clamps on. Oh, and that doesn’t work very well, either. It stays on reallllly well. But, you want it off? Hahahaha, no. Not tonight. Try again after the pan and its contents cool.

So you get, what, nice, cold pasta? Oh, yummers. 😆

3. The Innkeeper's Daughter - May 15, 2011

Okay, not to repeat, but to repeat…I love your writing. I love when someone gets me to guffaw out loud when I am reading silently to myself. I have withstood most of the “as seen on TV” but I couldn’t resist that counter top platic domed thing, cook a complete meal all at once. Yeah, that didn’t work so well. Yolande

😆 Thanks for reading, Yolande. 🙂

4. Cristina - May 17, 2011

Well, I didn’t buy it FROM an infomercial, but it’s an “as seen on TV” product. I bought the Smart Spin storage container set, and I love it. I had a set in my first place, one when I moved out of the country, and I have one now. I even had two family members back in Romania ask me to bring them each a set.

Oh, I’ve seen those! That’s the thing with the all the containers and the lids and it’s like a carousel, right? Our supermarket has an “as seen on TV” section, and we love to see what cool (or bizarre) stuff they have – I’ll have to watch for that.

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