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The more things change. . . May 17, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff, Surly Boy.

Those who have been following along at home since last year’s update, you’ll know that the Boy is home again.

The Boy has been laid off twice in the past year – from two different companies, in two different states, no less.

So until he figures out what direction he wants to go, career-wise, he’s found another job – an interim job, if you will.   A job that requires “office attire” – long-sleeved shirts with collars, ties, dark socks – you know, the last thing you’d find in the closet of an (unemployed) welder.

He does have a very nice black suit – or maybe I should say “did have.”

Unfortunately, being unused to keeping track of a jacket, he forgot it somewhere on his first day of work.  I fear it’s gone for good.  He’s still got the pants, though.

And so, I went into “mom” mode last week and picked him up a couple of pairs of pants and a couple of shirts. Nothing too elaborate – I stopped at Walmart on my way home from work one day.

What?  He’s 22 – he can buy better stuff when he’s paying for it himself.

Only he wasn’t sure what size – either 34 or 36 waist and 34 length.  It varies, evidently.  And since I couldn’t find a 36-waist pant that was any longer than 29, well, I went with the 34.  And “XL” should be good for shirts.

The pants – too tight.  The shirts fit fine, though.

Saturday, I took him with me, and first, we went to the GoodWill store around the corner, where I figured he could get a much better quality of clothes for about the same amount of money.

And we did.  A couple of decent pairs of khakis for under $10 a pair, a couple of shirts, also under $10 each, and some nice ties.

Plus, since he was with me, he could try them on.

No, that’s all right.  It’s a pain to go to the dressing room and try them on.

So I said, well, at least try the shirts on, over your t-shirt.

They’re fine, Mom.  They were in the “extra large” section on the rack, they’ll be fine.

So we went and looked at ties – after all, I got  paid this week and I was feeling magnanimous, and I’m sure his lone, solid black tie was getting boring.

I showed him a nice, bright, fun tie.

Eeww, that’s hideous, Mom.

Well, what about this nice, burgundy paisley tie?


And then I noticed a lady in the next aisle browsing with her little boy, having herself a nice chuckle at our conversation.

I suspect my conversation with my 6-foot-3, dreadlocked, pierced and tattooed son sounded more than a little familiar to the mother of a 3-year-old.

I laughed with her for a minute, then I pointed out that this, pointing to my son, used to be that, and pointed to hers.

Yup.  I guess it really is true – the more things change, the more they stay the same.



1. judy - May 17, 2011

You are truly a brave mom! I hope He starts appreciating you soon! What exactly is The Boy doing at his interim job?

Late from yesterday….. felt really bad about The Bird Family. That just sucks.

Jude, I’m sure he does appreciate me; he just forgets sometimes. 😕 And he’s working in a call center. Sounds . . . fun, huh?

2. anne - May 17, 2011

Well, when he leaves the job, you can return the clothes to Goodwill. A rental of sorts.:) Color him lucky, at least he was able to find an interim job. But .. nice clothes at a call center? Like, where he sits in a cube and talks on the phone?

Yup, that would be it. Plus he has to wear long sleeves to cover tattoos and (get this) his hair down to cover his piercings. Wouldn’t want any customers to see them, I guess.

Oh, wait, they’re on the PHONE. 🙄

3. sjbraun - May 18, 2011

Oh, my. I keep hoping that parenting gets EASIER, not HARDER, over the years – you are not encouraging me here, ya know? 🙂 Totally agree on your point that there are more than a few similarities between older kids and the toddlers!

Well, I think it gets easier. . . then it gets harder. . . then it gets easier again. Though I will confess – there were a number of years when I referred to the “terrible twos” as “the good old days.” 😆

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