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There may be hope for us yet May 20, 2011

Posted by Peeps in just general griping, news, random stuff.

I was checking out the news yesterday, and I ran across this little item.  It’s about time.  Finally, someone decided that enough was enough.

Anyone who knows me well, or has been hanging out here for a while, knows I’m not a big fan of cell phones.  Yes, they’re useful in an emergency.  I get that.  But does everyone need to be using them all the time?

Have you ever passed a road construction site and seen the flag man on the phone?  Or half the people working in a fast food joint?  Or the seemingly endless number of people on the phone while they’re driving?  What the hell is so important?

Personally, my phone tends to get dusty from lack of use.  And I’m okay with that.

A few things puzzle me about the story in the news, though.  Why was the woman in a “quiet” car?  If she wanted to use her phone, she could have easily moved and been left alone.  Did being in the “quiet” car make it easier for her to hear?

And why did it take sixteen hours for someone to complain?  Sixteen hours?  I would have snapped long before that.  Even though the woman appears to be much bigger than I am.

But what puzzles me more than anything else, is where did she get a cell phone battery that would hold up for sixteen hours of continuous use?  On the one hand, if such a thing exists, it’s a great leap forward in terms of battery technology.

But on the other hand, anyone that can produce a battery that allows people to annoy other people for sixteen solid hours really ought to be taken to the nearest brick wall and shot.  Repeatedly.

However, I remain hopeful.  This may be a sign that people have had enough and are going to start standing up for manners and courtesy.  I can only hope.

Of course, human nature being what it is, and considering that the world is supposed to be coming to an end this weekend, I don’t really plan on holding my breath.


1. mazco - May 20, 2011

First she’s NOT bigger than you, well TALLER than you.
Second, you wouldn’t have lasted 16 minutes. And I’d love to hear your non-expletive, OED loving rant to her.
Third, She probably plugged her phone in to one of the outlets. Amtrak has tons of them for laptop use.

One final thing – I have to go to Richmond on Monday. A fun filled 7 hour train ride. At least I’ll get some sleep.

Peeps - May 20, 2011

You’re probably right, less than half an hour would have done it for me. But I would have started politely.
What’s going on in Richmond?

mazco - May 20, 2011

TRAINING, SIR! (What kind of training?)


I already checked on their minor league baseball team; home stand!

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