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It’s Gonna be a Long Week May 25, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in just general griping, mirth & woe, random stuff.

Who knew this would be such a big deal?

I mean, you see people hopping around on crutches all the time, right?  And gee, I don’t even have a cast – how bad can it really be?

(Caution:  whining ahead.)

It hurts.

I mean, sure, hopping around on crutches burns up like 10 times as many calories as just walking, so yeah, that’s a good thing.

But it’s HARD.  And did I mention it hurts?  It should burn up more calories.

Monday morning, I felt so good – well, not good, exactly, but like it wasn’t going to be such a big hairy deal after all.

I’d pretty much sat around all day Sunday, foot up, having Peeps and The Boy run and fetch for me (a little bit – I’m really pretty low-maintenance, when you get down to it), and while I was pretty tired when I dragged myself upstairs to bed, I slept like a rock and woke up the next morning feeling rested and comfortable in the foot area.  This was going to be a walk in the park (heh).

Then I sat up and put my feet on the floor.

Not cool.  Not even a little bit.

Quick question – How difficult is it to try to step OVER a dog who is stretched out along the floor next to the bed when you’ve only got one working foot and you have to pee?    Answer – It’s nigh impossible.  And rather painful.

Okay, slowing down, grabbing the crutches, we’ve got this.

I hobbled around upstairs, getting dressed, while Peeps walked the dog.  Then I hobbled downstairs while Peeps fed the dog and gave the kitty her treats.

Then Peeps drove me to work where I hobbled around doing work.

Have I mentioned that this is my busy season at work?  Yeah, happy times.

By the time Peeps picked me up from work (after his own dental appointment – remember how he had a toothache?), I was beat.




And feeling mighty helpless.

I can’t do my job without someone fetching and carrying for me.  Heck, I can’t even get to work without someone driving me.

I need someone to get me a glass of water or a cup of coffee – then someone to hold the door open for me so I can get to the ladies’ room.

I can’t help with dinner.

I can’t walk or feed the dog.

I don’t even dare shower unsupervised.  (Oh, but Peeps was more than happy to help there, fear not!)

And now, besides the aching and swelling in my foot, I’m all battered and bruised (and sore!) in the arm-and-shoulder area from the stupid crutches.

PhotobucketGod bless us, every one.


1. Rockin' Robin - May 25, 2011

Sorry to hear that you’re in more pain and bruised. 😦

I have a suggestion. Can you have a different blog for things not related to cooking? This blog has been a downer lately. Sorry that bad things have happened to the car and foot but it brings ME down, reading about them. I’d rather read about food than general griping. Just saying. I’m losing interest in reading your posts, lately.

Sorry ’bout that. Sometimes life just happens, I guess. We certainly hope to get back to what passes for “normal” soon. . . in the meantime, there’s always the “next” button on your reader. 😉

2. judy - May 25, 2011

This IS the dark side of the fridge. You are entitled to feel exactly how you feel whenever you feel it. Your WHOLE routine has been turned up side down and you are having to depend on others for almost everything. For an independent gal that has to be tough. Hang in there…. you see a doc tomorrow right? Maybe there are better ways to do what you need to do. jud

Thanks, Jude. 🙂 Yes, I see the ortho tomorrow afternoon. I suspect, though, that they’re going to tell me that the best way for me to do anything is sitting, with my foot up. 🙄

3. mazco - May 25, 2011

Sorry to hear about your accident.
Just a note, my friend broke a bone in his foot and it never healed correctly, and after 5 surgeries, he is permantly disabled.
So please be careful, and let it heal.

Um, thanks, that’s just want I need to hear. 😦 Though seriously, I’ve seen what happens when injuries aren’t given the chance to heal properly, and I know it can be bad. Patience is a virtue. I’m working on that one.

Toy Lady - May 26, 2011

Also, hey Maz, how’s Richmond?

4. The Innkeeper's Daughter - May 25, 2011

Even when not about the food and whiny…love it. So sorry you aren’t feeling up to par, but there were several laugh out loud moments in here…not the least of which peeps being a good guy to help supervise the shower! Hah, boys….Speaking of the boys, you should tell us who is doing most of the cooking, AND give them grades…challenge the boy!

Aw, thanks, Yolande. 🙂 Peeps is, of course, doing most of the kitchen work – poor guy, he’s got to put up with MY supervision. (Gosh I hate being helpless!) Though I guess it’s a bit of a supervision trade-off, huh? 😉 We usually do most of the cooking and/or prep work ahead of time, on the weekends, so during the week, it’s pretty much a matter of finishing, reheating, or assembling meals, which makes life a lot easier!

5. sjbraun - May 26, 2011

Oh dear – praying for you! I can’t imagine needing to be off my feet for weeks. I am so sorry this happened.

Thanks, Susan. On the bright side, though, I’ve started a big fat sock that I can wear over the bandage – I’ll have plenty of time to wear it! 🙂 😆

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