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Monday Musings on Tuesday: 05.31.2011 Edition May 31, 2011

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PhotobucketMy goodness, has it been a long week, or what?  I guess my week has been made longer by my hideous injury.  Though I’ll admit, since I can’t really do much of anything, I’ve had a chance to get a good chunk of knitting done – I’m working on a sock to cover the not-so-nice purple and green that my toes have become.  It’s kind of gross, actually.



However, I can’t express how grateful I have been to have gotten the garden in last Saturday – the day before I broke my foot!

It’s rained almost every day since, well, since it stopped snowing, I guess.  We actually went plant shopping the previous weekend in the pouring rain, and last weekend, we had the first really nice, really warm day, so I took advantage of it and got everything in.

And in just a week, the green beans, especially, seem to have gone a little nuts!



One thing we did get accomplished this week was to roast a couple of turkey breasts  – and let me tell you!  Although there was a bit of cleanup (Peeps, poor guy, got stuck with most of it), it was well worth it.  We used the Cook’s Illustrated directions for slow-roasted turkey (only with two whole breasts instead of one breast and two leg-and-thigh quarters), and it was fantastic – moist and tasty, and with lovely, lovely gravy.

We’ve been enjoying cold turkey sandwiches, turkey salad, and hot turkey sandwiches all week – quick, easy and painless.  Just what the doctor ordered!



I mentioned the vegetable garden, but I don’t think I’ve shown you this year’s herb garden – the rain has not done it any harm at all!

Of course all the usual suspects are back – the oregano trying to take over the world, and the tarragon determined to give it a run for its money.  Last year’s parsley hasn’t quite bolted yet, and we’ve added a couple of plants this year.  The sage is starting to bud, and the chives are blossoming.  Garlic chives and thyme are a bit more under control.  Oh, and I’ve got what looks like buds on the lavender I planted last year!

I also put in more marjoram (I love marjoram, but it’s an annual here), rosemary (ditto), as well as a couple of newcomers – sorrel and epazote.



I’m still working on my 101 Things – and with regard to #55, the word for this week is. . .P. Paralipsis .    This is actually a great word!  It basically means to draw attention to something while pretending to overlook it.  You know, with phrases like “not to mention” or “I’d never dream of mentioning.”   I’m not saying that this is an especially handy tool during an election year, but I’m not not saying it, either.



That dog really is a big spoiled baby, isn’t he?

He loves his Kong toy, stuffed with a handful of kibble, some oats and a spoonful of peanut butter.  We fill it up, stick it in the freezer, then give it to him on pizza night.  Depending on how well I fill the toy and how frozen it is, it can keep him happily slurping at it for up to an hour!

He makes SUCH a mess with it though (peanut butter plus giant slobbery tongue makes for a sloppy mess on the new rug!) that now he’s confined to his own special blankie.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  It’s looking like it’s starting to dry out, at least a little.  You know, it seems like the temperatures have been consistently 20 degrees warmer or 20 degrees cooler than normal this spring.  The beginning of the week, anyway, it looks like we’re tipping toward the “warmer” side.

Monday – It’s Memorial Day, and, while we’re not spending the day with family, we’re celebrating in our own way – Peeps is grinding some sirloin, and we’re enjoying some freshly-grilled burgers with Petrillo’s rolls (I’d initially thought to try a new recipe for rolls, but then  remembered the “staying off my feet” thing and decided to do that instead).  Also, for our Memorial Day pleasure, I experimented with my baked beans.  A crisp tossed salad greens up the meal, too.  I love grilling season!

Tuesday – Speaking of grilling season – we’re behind on our magazines, so we sat down with the current stack (3 months’ worth of Cooking Light, a Cook’s Illustrated, and a Cook’s Country) and decided that it was time to start catching up.  We’re starting with tequila-glazed grilled chicken, with a side of rice and a vegetable out of the freezer.

Wednesday – It’s swim class night, but we’re not doing soup – we just didn’t get it made this weekend.  I’ll be working late, so Peeps is on his own with the dog, and he’s going to pick me up on the way home, so it’ll be extra late – we’re thinking breakfast for dinner.  Maybe scrambled eggs and leftover pulled pork, or a frittata, or maybe even quick and dirty burritos.

Thursday – Again with the Cooking Light flank steak with spicy lemon sauce – we’ve got everything on hand for that, and it just sounds so good, especially with some grilled potato wedges and a salad.

Friday – Friday is pizza night – and I’ve got another doctor’s appointment, so a relaxing evening will be especially welcome for all of us.  I’m hoping I’ll get my driving privileges back again. . .

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. mazco - May 31, 2011

A few things – Would you consider, “I’m just saying” to be a paralipsis?

Does Sorrel and Epazote sound more like a 1)circus act or 2)a set of early 20th century gangsters?

Finaly, if it’s really that busy and you’re needed so much, can votre capitaine provide either car service or some way of telecommuting?

Maz – what do you think – you’re Mr. Language Guy, right? I’m just saying. . .

Also, I think Sorrel and Epazote sound more like cowboys. Hey, Epazote and his trusty steed, Sorrel. (His dog’s name is Spot.)

And a car service? Oh, Maz, you’re so funny! You’ve never met a lawyer, have you? 😆

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