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Love You Long Time June 7, 2011

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PhotobucketI’m going to admit it – while most of my love for Chinese food stems from the actual food, there’s a little, childish, part of me that loves making fun of the old stereotypes associated with it, as well.

I mean, who can contemplate sitting down to a nice meal in a Chinese restaurant without at least thinking about that scene?  You know the one I mean.

And don’t even let me go any farther back than that – or we’ll all be singing cartoon theme songs!

Erm, yes.  Where was I?

PhotobucketI like Chinese food.  I don’t necessarily care that it’s “authentic” – I’m talking about the basic fare you’d find at any reasonable Chinese take-out/delivery place.

And there’s just something about fried rice, isn’t there?

Chinese delivery has always been a bit of a treat – for many years, there was no place around that would deliver.  We were, shall we say, off the beaten path?  And then, for several more years, I was a single mom on a super-tight budget – one which seldom included such luxuries.

And now?

PhotobucketWell, now I’m at an age where, really, I can’t afford the fat and calories and sodium – you know, the stuff that makes it taste so good!  Even though we’ve experimented a bit at home, I guess there are just some things that are better left to the professionals and maybe saved for special occasions.

Of course, there are things that can be done easily – and much more healthy (healthily?) – at home.  Like fried rice.  Or  more specifically, pork fried rice – though there’s probably no good reason you couldn’t use chicken or even tofu if you’re so inclined.  (But just know that pork will be better.)

PhotobucketWe start with leftover cooked pork – and we have a nice head start when we make this pork right here.

This is very quick and easy – assuming you’ve got the leftover meat  (diced into teeny-tiny pieces) and plenty of cold rice.

We make a pot of rice either earlier in the day or the day before – planning ahead is key!

PhotobucketWe start with a couple of eggs – beat them lightly and cook them in a teaspoon or so of oil, then break them up and continue cooking until they’re just barely set  (but not browned), and remove from the pan and set aside.

Crank the heat under the pan, add a bit more oil (as necessary) and add your vegetables – frozen peas for me (I go with the obvious).  Give it half a minute, and stir in some minced garlic (a couple, three cloves), maybe some grated ginger if you’re so inclined, then, when you smell the garlic (30 seconds?) add your rice and “sauce.”

Ah, the sauce.

Now, if you’ve actually started with my Chinese pork, chances are you’ll have leftover sauce, and if so, use that.

PhotobucketIf not, you’ll just want to combine a tablespoon of soy sauce 1/4 cup oyster sauce (or you could use hoisin sauce if you’d prefer) (heck, I see no reason you couldn’t use barbecue sauce if that’s what you wanted to do – but I wouldn’t).  Go ahead and season it up if you’d like – a little 5-spice is nice, maybe a smidge of sesame oil.  Basically, you want a little over 1/4 cup of sauce to add to your pan along with about 5-6 cups of cold rice.

Keep cooking and stirring until the rice is hot and coated nicely with the sauce, then stir in (still on-heat) your set-aside eggs and, oh, maybe a handful of bean sprouts if you’d like, some sliced scallions (a personal favorite), I don’t know, how about slivered almonds?

You try this, and I’m telling you, you love me long time.



1. The Innkeeper's Daughter - June 7, 2011

Pork is better than anything…in everything…at any time…. I didn’t forget anything did I?

Don’t be shy! How do you really feel about pork? 😆

2. judy - June 7, 2011

Boy does that look good. (still waiting for teeth) 🙂

Now, see, you could dice the meat really teeny-tiny, and you’d still be all set! 😀

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