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Monday Musings: 06.20.2011 June 20, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings.

Happy Monday!  I trust we’ve all had a happy and productive weekend.


Me, I did a little work in the garden this weekend.  It’s still a little hard for me to get around out in the yard, but . . . well, tarragon waits for no man, I guess.

You know, a little of that stuff goes a long way. . . and a lot of it, well, let’s just say that pretty soon, if it’s not careful, the Greek oregano is going to be speaking French.


I can always tell when summer’s here when I go to the public market – I mean besides the scads of “homegrown strawberries” I see.

I can always tell because I come home with less and less cash!  But I ask you – how am I supposed to resist the fresh lettuce, the baby greens, the wee little beets, let alone the season’s final asparagus or the first of the season’s spring onions?  You’d get a little carried away too.



Speaking of fresh seasonal produce – the garlic scapes are almost ready to harvest!

I do need to be sure to cut them before they blossom – once the garlic flowers, the bulbs underground will stop growing, which would not be good.  We want big, hearty GARLIC this fall!


PhotobucketOne other nifty thing I picked up at the market was horseradish.

I have never grown horseradish, but the farmer assured me that it’s not hard – and that it doesn’t really care where I plant it – just stick it in the ground and let it go.  In fact, he said it didn’t even necessarily need to be in the actual ground.  The stack of plants he was selling had been dug out of the field where he’d just tossed them last year.

Peeps planted it in the corner of the yard, where, if the tuber decides to spread, it will have plenty of room before it bothers anyone.



I’m still working on my 101 Things – and with regard to #55, the word for this week is. . .S.  Sipid.    I love back-formed words – and not always just to laugh at “conversate” – this word was actually formed to be the opposite of INsipid.  As in, we, at Dark Side of the Fridge, strive to remain sipid at all times.


PhotobucketOkay, how about one more gratuitous garden photo?  It’s been a busy week, and I’ve barely been out to the garden until this weekend, when I realized that the tomato plants needed to be tied up.

And as I was tying them, what did I find?

Baby tomatoes!  On several plants!




And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  We’ve got a busy week in store around these parts, but at least it looks like summer is really here – and not a minute too soon, what with the summer solstice falling this week and all!


Monday – The dog has his annual checkup – and we’re barely going to have time to give him his dinner, eat ours quickly and head out to the vet’s.  In order to keep things simple, not to mention clearing out the freezer, we’ve pulled our of the freezer a quart of soup that we made a few weeks ago – most of the time, a batch of soup is about twice as much as we need, so half of it goes into the freezer for just such an evening.

Tuesday – I picked up chicken breasts on sale this week, and whenever I do that, I love to do some incarnation of our pan-roasted chicken breast.  We haven’t decided yet exactly what we’re going to do, but I know it will involve lovely crispy skin and a full-of-flavor pan sauce, probably with some fresh herbs because, well, have you SEEN THAT HERB GARDEN?  Potatoes and some sauteed greens will round out the meal.

Wednesday – No swim class this week, but, since it’s apparently VET WEEK around here, the kitty has her appointment this evening.  Hers is a little earlier, so we’ll opt to have dinner after we get back – some salmon quickly grilled, a little rice, and, no doubt, a salad.

Thursday – Since I have my doctor’s appointment Thursday afternoon, Peeps suggested that maybe we’d like to go out for dinner that night.  And he was right – we would indeed like to go out that night!  There’s a local tavern that we enjoy, and I’m very much looking forward to dinner there!

Friday – Back to routine – pizza night is a staple around here.  I got salami for The Boy’s lunches this week – with luck, there will be enough left for pizza.   And I guess, since I pack the lunches, I’ll be able to make my own luck in that regard!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. Karen - June 20, 2011

This really made me miss my garden even more than I already did. I think I have garden envy. It’s beautiful.

Aw, thanks, Karen. Maybe you can get something in late-season? I know you’re a bit south of here (just a bit!) – we often put a second crop of beans in. And, of course, garlic gets planted in the fall. 😀

2. judy - June 20, 2011

I am sure it is good to get out and play in the dirt! I know I miss it. Things look so green in your yard. Still looking for some rain here. Keep us appraised of outcomes of ALL doc visits please. Have a great week. 🙂

Absolutely, Jude! We’re getting ready to head out for The Jar’s appointment shortly. . .

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