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In case you thought it was over… July 1, 2011

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…It’s not.

Those of you who have been hanging out here for a while probably remember that my mother bought a house in the area last year.

You may also remember my less than successful trip to go help her get her act together.

She still hasn’t moved.  Seriously.  It’s been a year.

But a new chapter in the saga begins.  My uncle called me a couple weeks ago.  That was a very startling development.  He generally calls once a year to wish me a happy birthday.

He was concerned for his sister.  She apparently feels overwhelmed and keeps trying to justify not having moved yet.  And he’s not overly happy about the whole deal.  So he called me.

My uncle has an idea of just how much of a pain I can be.  But only just an idea.  And he wanted me to make sure that his sister was safe and happy.  In her new house.  And he had a thought.  That my wife was the key.

I am very proud of my ability to annoy people.  I am quite capable of bugging a person right into the loony bin, if I absolutely need to.  But nagging my mother to get her act together is difficult from 300 miles away.  Such work is much easier in person.  And sadly, she doesn’t pay a lot of attention to me at the best of times.

My wife, however is another story.  My mother and my wife get along, thank heaven.  But because my wife is not me, she will be say things that my mother won’t be able to ignore.  And her very presence will work on my mother’s phobias and hopefully get her going.

To that end, my wife is heading down to help my mother get off the dime over the holiday weekend.  She is going to help her get organized, and do whatever she can to help get mom on track to move.  This Summer.  Without question.  Because, seriously, I’m getting mighty tired of this.

Yes, my wife is wonderful for doing this.  And yes, I owe her in a big way.  And yes, I plan to be particularly nice to her for quite a while because I owe her one.  But my wife will get a little peace of mind, too.  She worries just as much as everyone else that knows my mother.

So, the full court press is on.  My mother will be moving up here before this Summer is over.  She has no option.  I will do whatever it takes to make it happen.  If for no other reason than to get this whole thing over with.  That’s a promise.  And I’m going to apologize in advance if I hurt her feelings.

But enough is enough



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