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Honey, I’m home July 5, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in Family, Home.

After a quick trip  to New Jersey to give Peeps’s mom a good talking-to, I’ve made it back, safe and sound.

Well, safe, anyway.

First, I forgot my camera, so I didn’t get pictures of the street sign for “Pork Road” (and I was disappointed about that!).

I also can’t show you the kindly firemen who re-directed me when I tried to make a u-turn on a one-way street after (1) my GPS obviously needs to be updated because it doesn’t believe Peeps’s mom’s city exists, and thus, refused to direct me to it, and (2) Google Maps was apparently having some fun at my expense when it sent me directly through the City of Auburn rather than let me stay on the thruway like I usually do.   Though Auburn is a much prettier city than Syracuse. . .

I could tell you about how, Sunday evening, in an area of New Jersey that calls itself “Little Italy,” there was not a pizza to be had, so Peeps’s mom and I had something called an “Italian hot dog” – which, I think, is the New Jersey equivalent of a garbage plate. . .

I could even describe how, in the car, I kept boredom and starvation at bay by drinking iced coffee by the quart, munching on baby carrots and chewing gum, but, honestly, if I even think about carrots any time soon, I’ll be seeing, uh, orange. . .

Then there was the pre-trip home breakfast of chicken rings – picked up on my way out of town, along with the Crave Case for Mr. Jersey Boy here. . .

However, rather than bore you with all that stuff, I’ll just say that it’s good to be back.  It sure was nice to be greeted with such enthusiasm by two of my three boys (one is at work, but he did call me and say that he’d missed me).  It’s wonderful to be showered – spending one day driving , the next sorting and packing and organizing, then yet another driving again –  it makes a gal feel kind of sticky.  And even a bit itchy.  (There was a LOT of sweat.  And dust.  And  mosquitoes.  I’ve been spoiled, I think, by my own air-conditioned home.  You sit outside after the sun goes down, and you get eaten alive!)  So I really don’t know which was better – the ice cold beer Peeps handed me when I got home, or the slightly-less-cool shower I enjoyed shortly thereafter.

I’m spending the evening relaxing.

Relaxing by enjoying a margarita, visiting the garden (tomatoes!  and green beans!  and peppers!), and paying attention to my guys.

It is good to be home.



1. judy - July 5, 2011

Welcome back! You were missed. I can only imagine how good your garden looked! Have a great week back home.

Thanks, Judy. My green beans are LOADED! 😀

2. The Innkeeper's Daughter - July 5, 2011

yes, but how did the talking to go?

I guess time will tell. 😕 There was the normal “yes, you’re right, I know, blah blah blah. . . ” but, as they say, the Proof is in the Pudding. Or, in this case, the Packing. It looks like this is going to be Road Trip Summer. 🙄

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