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So? July 15, 2011

Posted by Peeps in random stuff.

Okay, so I have not seen a single movie this Summer. Not one.

Circumstances have gotten in the way.

There were a total of four comic book movies I would have liked to have seen.  Plus the last Harry Potter movie that opens this weekend.

This weekend is the Rochester Airshow.  We’ve already paid for tickets, so there’s no way we’re missing that.

I plan to look at what the local second run theater has to offer over the next couple weeks.

If on my day off I can catch one, that would help.

My wife is heading back to Jersey soon to continue helping Mom move.  Mom likes her better than me.  Which is entirely understandable.

With luck, I might catch one or two more.

My wife is okay with me seeing movies I want to see, but she doesn’t feel bad missing any of them.  Isn’t she awesome?

We’ll see.  I’m much more concerned about my mother finally getting moved.  But, Harry Potter!  C’mon.  Really?

Some things cannot be missed.



1. mazco - July 15, 2011

Must be tough to say, “Mom always liked you best,” when you’re an only child.

Toy Lady - July 15, 2011

Bah, she’s just saving him for the attic phase of the job, that’s all.

2. judy - July 15, 2011

Ha ha about the attic For some great laughs and not much depth, go see Horrible Bosses. I laughed out loud which is rare for me!

Don’t forget I am moving the end of September. I provide the beer.

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