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Monday Musings: 08.29.2011 August 29, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff, Shopping With Peeps.


Oh dear, oh dear!

This was a market week, which is a good thing.  It’s also the last weekend in August, and nearly everything is in season, which is also a good thing.

However, when I go to the public market unattended, with a pile of dollar bills, I tend to spend them all!  Peaches, cucumbers, lettuce, melons, peppers, squash, onions, radishes, garlic, leeks (Yay!  Leeks!) – plus the dozen and a half ears of beautiful corn for the freezer and the half bushel (ish) of supplemental tomatoes for canning. . . someone’s gonna be busy!


PhotobucketOur new girl, Gretchen, is settling in nicely.  Given my limited knowledge of doggy politics, I think she’s decided that she is going to be the head dog.  (After Peeps and me, of course!)  She does seem to be a little bossy sometimes – she seems to scold the Jar if he gets out of line.  Maybe what he needs is not a little sister so much as a big sister.


And, to further bear out my “bossy” theory – Gretch has also taken over every dog bed in the house (there are currently three).  And she seems to really like them all, too.



Of course, the dogs aren’t the only four-legged children we have, are they?  The Kitty is, understandably, less than excited about yet another dog.   From the basement, the two of them sound like a herd of elephants!

We’ve been taking time to cuddle with her in her underground lair, and we picked up some special canned dinners for her as an extra-special treat.  It’s taken about a week, but she’s back to lurking around when the dogs aren’t looking, looking for treats or petting.



I’m taking a bit of vacation time this week, like I do every year, to do my farm wife thing – I picked up a bunch of extra tomatoes  – some of them were very ripe, so we went ahead and canned them this weekend.

Every year, we think about the Tomato Episode – that incident taught us, as nothing else could, the importance of pacing ourselves!


That, and there truly is no reason to go overboard – I’ve still got most of a case of tomatoes from last year, so this year, we only added 14 quarts.  But still, 14 quarts – two canners full – is respectable.  And I can cross “tomatoes” off my list for this week!  Too bad that’s not the only thing on my list. . . I could use a nap this week, actually.


PhotobucketHey, it’s time for Shopping With Peeps!

We came across the (ahem) most interesting thing at the supermarket this week – the Egg Scrambler.  It bills itself as the “the easiest way to beat an egg!”

Um. . . besides a fork, I guess.

But on the plus side, it comes in white and brown.

Kind of like, um, well, maybe that’s not such a plus, is it?


PhotobucketOh, hey, what with my over-the-top market trip and all, I made a huge (HUGE!) batch of ratatouille, too!

I do love my ratatouille – and, I found a few years back, it freezes quite nicely.  If there’s anything better than a nice bowl of ratatouille for lunch, it’s a nice bowl of ratatouille for lunch in, oh, December!

Only problem?  The Boy tried it, and he liked it, too.  So that means it’s probably not going to last until December.

But hey, my kid likes vegetables, so that’s a good thing, right?



We had our first two-dog pizza-Kong night, and it was a success, though Gretch didn’t quite get the “keeping the slobbery Kong on the blanket” idea.  Between the two of them, WOW can they make a mess of the carpet!

I was a little concerned – they’ve been successfully eating their meals beside each other all week, but peanut butter and oatmeal, well, that’s a different story!  We were prepared for the worst (which, I’m sure, could get ugly), and fortunately, they were like a couple of big, black, slobbery lambs.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  Clearly, fall is on the way, but we’ve still got plenty of summer left.  I will take low 80s as long as I can – and I can certainly wear long sleeves when I walk the dogs in the mornings!


Monday – Since it looks like Monday is going to be the coolest day of the week, and since I’ll be home, and busy, most of the day, we thought something different – tilapia with ginger glaze – would be good, along with some rice (jasmine or basmati) and either green beans or tossed salad.

Tuesday –  Believe it or not, the Boy asked for quiche one night this week – and not just  any quiche, but “either spinach or broccoli.”  So. . . when your kid specifically requests broccoli, you’ve kinda gotta go along with it, you know?  So. . . I’m  thinking broccoli, cheddar cheese, and maybe some ham.  Or bacon.

Wednesday – Before we go making any fresh sausage, we need to use up the last of the Italian sausage links we’ve got stashed in the freezer.  Not sure yet what we’ll have with it, but something.

ThursdayThe Boy mentioned to me the other day that we usually have “good stuff” when he’s working, then something lame on his night off, Thursday.  So this week, we thought we’d try something “good” – I’m going to spatchcock a chicken.  Hopefully it won’t rain!

Friday – I am so loving fresh tomatoes and herbs for pizza night – there’s just not much else to say, except that I will be very sad when tomato season is over, so I’m taking as much advantage as I possibly can, while I can.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. judy - August 29, 2011

Hi there vacation person. The fresh stuff truly is beautiful! All seems to be working with the pups and all and KITTY. Hard to believe she is up stairs looking for trouble already.

Your menus for the week cover a wide range. All in all, I enjoyed the read. And thanks for the great pictures again. 🙂

Thanks, Jude! 🙂 As for the dogs . . . so far so good. And FORTUNATELY Gretchen doesn’t much care one way or the other about the kitty. 😀

judy - August 29, 2011

God Bless Gretchen! A little more peace in the house. 🙂

I’ll take it, that’s for sure! 😉

2. Chris - August 29, 2011

Look @ those temps! I think your bragging! You wanna see temps-look @ Dallas. We finally going to get down to the upper 90’s. We’re dying down here!!! Send some cool air our way, okay??!

I’ll admit – I do love our temperate climate, especially this time of the year. Though I’d be more than happy to share our “cooler” air in, oh, say, January if you’d like! 😀

3. sjbraun - September 2, 2011

Ratatouille freezes well? I think you have just changed my life. I think I’ll make up another batch and freeze it in individual portions, like you did, so I can enjoy it all by myself this winter …

There’s nothing like breaking out a lovely lunch of ratatouille in the middle of winter. . . just hope The Boy leaves me some! 😕

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