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Summer’s Almost Done August 30, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

And, you know, we’ve got a new dog, and I’m on vacation, and canning and stuff, and I’m off to Jersey next weekend, and, well, you know the drill by now.

I’m in and out.



1. judy - August 30, 2011

In and out…… ok. Have to take care of you and yours! Enjoy your time and make it work for you. Stay in touch! j

You know I will, Jude! And you take care of your stuff, too – don’t overdo it!

2. judy - August 30, 2011

Just checked the picture project. WONDERFUL. Of course you know my favorite picture. Such eyes.

Aw, thanks, Judy. 🙂 She usually doesn’t like to sit still for me to get a decent photo – maybe she’s mellowing in her old age? 😀

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